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The Ham Proverb

We've been scouring the web, and it turns out there are countless proverbs that refer to ham!

It's clear to us, ham is culture! #hamisculture

Water, little, and ham, all the way to your mouth.

With money in your pocket, good ham and suckling pig.

"From the sea, salmon, and from the land, ham."

A Frenchman without ham or wine is worth nothing.

Ham cooked in wine, makes the old feel young.

Started ham, everyone takes a slice.

Ham and chorizo, now it's a riddle.

Ham and a jug of wine, make for a good gathering.

Ham and aged wine keep the skin tight.

Don't buy old things unless they're wine, ham, or tiles.

Red wine with ham is a good injection.

Started ham, soon halfway done; halfway done, soon finished.

I indulge in ham, and the envious one suffers from indigestion.

Man's best friend isn't the dog, it's ham.

I'm too much ham for such a small egg.

Put wine and raw ham, and you'll see who everyone truly is.

Those who consume wine and ham don't suffer from heart problems.

A convent gives a lemon, but in exchange for a ham.

Between a village and a mob, there's the same difference as between ham and gazpacho.

More people turned Christian by bacon and ham than by the Holy Inquisition.

With meat, wine, and if it's ham, even more so.

To bacon-like ham, a good gulp of wine.

For the traveler, ham, wine, and homemade bread.

Let the sun set wherever they give me wine and ham.

He who eats the bone should eat the ham too.

With ham and good wine, the road is easier.

When there's neither ham nor loin, eat everything.

It's better to eat a ham than beg for a reward that's already deserved.


Do you know any more?

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