Face-to-Face Interview

Face to Face: Bosco de Gispert and Enrique Tomás

Cercle del Liceu, February 24th, 7 PM - Bosco de Gispert Segura

Vangate Group is organizing this event in collaboration with the Gispert group of lawyers and economists. It's an exploration of Enrique Tomás where we discuss "Anecdotes and Tips for Entrepreneurs: The 10 Key Topics."

This leads us into deep reflections, surrounded by specialists, on business strategies and personal attitudes towards entrepreneurship.

Questions are also raised, for instance: How should an entrepreneur navigate in an overly regulated environment? Do you think there is an excess of regulations that hinder entrepreneurship?

With Bosco from Gispert Segura, and with David Escamilla, communicator and event host-presenter.


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