jamon para llevar take away

Iberian Take Away

Let the hamburgers, pizza and hot dogs tremble, because Iberian ham stands up to them just around the corner. "It takes ten minutes to make one of our ham sandwiches... and three years, which is what it takes to raise the pig and cure the piece. Ours is not fast food." Enrique Tomás is one of those responsible for the success of a new trend: urban venues that offer high-quality Iberian products that are affordable.

From fast food they only imitate the franchise system, the rest is passion for a way of understanding gastronomy and life . Up to 31 varieties of ham, as well as cheeses , minufuets , chorizo , loin ...

Experts agree that Spain, and the rest of the world, still has a lot to learn. Knowledge and flavour: the keys to a good Iberian ham, finally within everyone's reach.

SOURCE: THANK YOU. 12/13/2014. Page 88.


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