Ham helps to fall in love

After many years of hearing that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," we finally discover that it applies to women as well. However, food occupies the male mind about 18 times a day, whereas women think about it slightly less: 15 times.


The Power of Ham to Win Him Over

The associate professor of psychology at Wagner College in Staten Island, after studying men's dining patterns, concluded that men are more likely to order meat than vegetables.

Furthermore, another study by Brian Wansnik from Cornell University revealed that men choose fast food like pasta, potatoes, or ham when they want to enjoy a pleasant moment, as this is the type of food that makes them feel comfortable (comfort food).


Heart of Ham Shavings

Gastrosexology speaks about the variables affecting pleasure in a dish:

"It's important to achieve significant changes in a dish or menu in terms of temperature, textures, colors, presentations, etc., to avoid habituation and thus prevent our brain from getting saturated with the same stimuli."

August Escoffier, a French culinary writer, states it clearly: "Monotony eventually leads to loss of appetite." This applies to both food and sex.

That's why we recommend starting your dinner with a fantastic tasting of different types of ham to discover various flavors. You'll experience different tastes of a product that's familiar and comfortable. Plus, you can share the experience together!

  • Get yourself a tasting experience delivered to your doorstep!

cata-de-jamon-1 cata-de-jamon-2

Prepare an especially sensual dinner that awakens eroticism through shapes, colors, flavor contrasts, and textures. If you want to use ham to add that special touch to your dishes, we invite you to explore all its formats.

The Power of Ham

In addition, ham contains a high level of zinc. This mineral plays a crucial role in human sexual processes. It acts as an aphrodisiac and contributes to regulating men's sexual functions, thus improving fertility. ;)

And for Women?

We finally discover that women aren't immune to the power of good food. According to a study conducted by Drexel University, it seems that food is also a great way to start winning a woman's heart.

According to this study, women are more receptive to romantic advances after enjoying a good meal, as opposed to when they're hungry.

It's as if the pleasure provided by food activates a switch that makes women desire something more," explains Michael R. Lowe, one of the authors of the research.

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