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What Does It Mean When Ham is "Ibérico Puro" or 100% Ibérico?

Lately, we hear different terms for this ham that might create confusion: 100% Ibérico, Ibérico Puro, 100% de bellota, Puro de Bellota...

Let's Clear Up the Doubt!

Ibérico Puro or 100% Ibérico ham comes from a pig that is 100% Ibérico, which means its parents were also 100% Ibérico. On the other hand, 100% Ibérico de bellota or Puro de Bellota means that its parents were also 100% Ibérico, but these pigs went to the montanera (acorn-grazing season) and were fed on acorns.

This ham is delicious, as the characteristics of the Ibérico breed make it such a special and flavorful product. Ham is meant to bring pleasure, and this is the epitome of it! In our stores, you'll find it in black packaging, which signifies the 100% purity of the breed.

Maybe you didn't know that... The Ibérico ham or Ibérico de bellota ham mostly comes from pigs with a breed purity of 75% as they are crossed with another pig breed called Duroc, which has similar metabolism characteristics to Ibérico pigs.

The ham you've been eating for most of your life is probably this kind, so don't worry, but don't miss the chance to try pure Ibérico ham – it might bring even more tears of pleasure. In our stores, you'll find them with white packaging for Ibérico and red for Ibérico de bellota ham.

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