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The JAMWICH of Enrique Tomás

If We Looked Up the Word "Jamwich" in the Dictionary...


''A term used for a sandwich with Jamón Enrique Tomás that starts being enjoyed with the eyes and ends up being savored on the palate.''

We craft our sandwiches with care, from baking the bread to achieve that toasted and crunchy effect we're aiming for, to the moment its components embrace the ham. To a jamwich, we only add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to accompany the bread, but not too much as the ham itself comes from an olive-fed leg.


Did You Know...

In Catalonia, it's a tradition to have "pa amb tomàquet" (bread with tomato). If you ask for it in any of our stores, we'll prepare it that way, as at Enrique Tomás, we believe that every interaction with ham is meant for enjoyment.

However, we consider that the acidity of the tomato might affect the flavor of the ham, which is why we don't make them with tomato-coated bread.


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