proteger jamon verano

Protect the ham in summer

The meaty sensations of ham can be quite intense, especially in summer, so you should always look for that thin slice that effortlessly melts in your mouth.

The white streaks found in Iberian ham are the result of the unique ability of the Iberian pig to infiltrate fat into its own muscle, turning these streaks and the meat around them into a delicious and extremely flavorful delicacy.

Therefore, the flavor of the ham will depend on where it has been cured, as the "cocinero" (as they are called in the industry) will impart during this process that touch which gives the ham a distinctive taste based on the regions where it is produced: Salamanca, Cáceres-Badajoz, Córdoba, and Huelva.

If you're going to slice ham in the summer, make sure you don't leave the ham in direct sunlight. The ham will sweat, and its white streaks, instead of melting in your mouth, will dissolve in the sun.

Find some shade for the ham!

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