como se hace el lomo iberico

How the Iberian loin is made

Lomo is one of our star cured meats and, along with chorizo and salchichón, it becomes the centerpiece of any charcuterie board. But, do you want to know how Ibérico loin is made?

At Enrique Tomás, we will explain where the meat comes from, the process used to make it, and how long it takes to cure.

Immerse yourself in all our knowledge!


Where the meat for Ibérico loin comes from

Ibérico loin is known as "lomo embuchado" and is extracted from the piece of meat located on the top of the authentic pigs from our peninsula, their loin. Unlike chorizo, it is a minimally processed meat product, and all that is done is to season it with various spices, including paprika, which explains its reddish color.

The flavor of this charcuterie is mild, very distinctive, and since it comes from Ibérico pigs that have intramuscular fat, it is very juicy. Its weight usually ranges from one to one and a half kilograms, with a length of about 60 centimeters, although this may vary depending on the piece.


How Ibérico loin is made

To prepare it, you need the loin from an authentic Ibérico pig and spices, and once you have the meat, it needs to be cleaned, and all the outer fat must be removed.

Then, the process to follow is very simple:

  1. First, the piece is placed for 24 hours in a place with a temperature between 0 and 21°C.

  2. After this time, it is marinated in salt and left for two days at around 6°C. The time depends on the size of the piece, so if it's smaller, it will be less than 48 hours.

  3. Next, it is washed with cold water, dried, and hung for a couple more days to ensure it dries completely.

  4. Once dried, the seasoning mixture of paprika and oregano, among other ingredients, is prepared, and when it's ready, it is mixed with the loin. Then, it needs to be hung again for another 48 hours.

  5. It's time to encase the piece. All you have to do is encase it, and once it's ready, make sure it's tightly tied. Then, it's hung in a drying room at about 18°C for it to cure for two days.

  6. Finally, the curing process is completed in a drying room with a lower temperature, between 12 and 15°C, where the loin must be kept for between one and two months. After this entire process, the Ibérico loin will be ready, and it's worth noting that, regarding the seasoning, there is no single recipe, as it depends on the producer.

Charcuterie platter by Enrique Tomás


Once the Ibérico loin is ready, it is sold in supermarkets and specialized stores like Enrique Tomás, where we ensure it is of the highest quality. In our stores, you can find both whole Ibérico loin pieces and pre-sliced packs ready to enjoy.

Whichever you choose, you're going to enjoy a top-quality product!

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