El jamón ibérico para las celebraciones Enrique Tomás

Jamón Ibérico for celebrations

Iberian ham plays a very relevant role in the celebrations of our country. It is a symbol of our gastronomy and becomes a highly valued product due to its high quality, artisanal production, and gastronomic qualities. That's why it's considered a "gourmet" product perfect for any celebration.

In this post, we will talk about the role that ham plays in celebrations, ham recipes for such events, the best companions for ham, and, finally, we will help you choose the best ham for your celebration.

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Iberian Ham: A Symbol of Celebration

That Iberian ham is intimately connected to Spanish gastronomy and culture is an undeniable fact. Many centuries have passed since ham became a part of Spanish cuisine, to the point of becoming a national symbol, deeply present in celebrations. Even during the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages, ham was consumed as a symbol of festivity, a tradition that has endured to this day.


Iberian Ham Platter: An Essential in Celebrations

Iberian ham is unique in the world. There's nothing quite like it because it can only be made from the Iberian pig, a breed that is exclusively raised on the Iberian Peninsula and possesses genetic traits that make it special and ideal for culinary delights. Its production is steeped in tradition, passed down through generations of skilled ham artisans.

This uniqueness makes it a fitting choice for any special occasion, making it the centerpiece of our tables during festivities like Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, family gatherings, or reunions with friends.


Iberian Ham for CelebrationsIberian Ham for Celebrations


How to Present Iberian Ham at Celebrations

This gastronomic delicacy is often presented plated in a uniform manner, keeping in mind that the slicing of each slice is crucial. The way it's sliced can greatly affect its visual appeal. Sometimes, a single slice can make your mouth water.

The perfect cut for plating ham is a very thin slice, not too large, just enough to be embraced by your palate. Each slice should have a similar shape to achieve symmetry and harmony on the plate.

The perfect amount of slices is 20 to 25 per plate, which amounts to about 80/100 grams. Once you've learned how to make the perfect cut for an exquisite presentation of ham, you should consider where to place the ham slices. We recommend using a light-colored plate to make the red of the ham stand out, in a round shape for the most elegant arrangement of slices, and from the outside to the inside as you cut. A tip is to orient the fatty part of the slice toward the inside of the plate; this makes it easier to pick up the slices for tasting and the plate looks more attractive.


Ideas for Iberian Ham Recipes in Celebrations

Iberian ham doesn't have to be eaten on its own, as we've presented in the previous section. It can also be a great option as an ingredient in some gourmet recipes that fit your celebration.

Here are some options from Enrique Tomás that you'll love.

  • Endive Boats with Ham
  • Iberian Ham Tartare
  • Tomato Carpaccio with Iberian Ham and Parmesan
  • Quince Rolls with Iberian Ham and Cheese
  • Oven-Baked Potatoes with Ham
  • Melon Skewers with Ham


Iberian Ham Tartare
Iberian Ham Tartare

Quince Roll with Iberian Ham and Cheese
Quince Roll with Iberian Ham and Cheese

Melon Skewers with Ham
Melon Skewers with Ham

The Best Companions for Iberian Ham

How do you choose the best companions to make the flavor of Iberian ham even more special? It's crucial to know which beverages are the best to accompany Iberian ham, as the pairing can truly enhance your experience.


Contrasting Pairing

As the name suggests, contrasting pairing involves the union of two elements with very different, almost opposite characteristics, which complement each other perfectly. This type of pairing is ideal if you're looking to take more risks, as it allows you to achieve more surprising effects. In this case, we're talking about light and refreshing white wine, cava, and beer.


Complementary Pairing

If your preference is for flavors to meld into one, this pairing will be your favorite. This type seeks to combine similar sensations and aromas to create a harmonious fusion. For achieving this sensation, the combination of ham with mild red and some white wines is ideal, but be cautious, as the intensity of some wines can diminish the meat's nuances, and vice versa, strong flavors can overpower the taste of the wine.

  • In Enrique Tomás' wine cellar, you'll find other options for high-quality white and red wines, as well as excellent cavas. Furthermore, we've created our own pairing. Discover it!


Spanish Tapas

When it comes to other foods as accompaniments, undoubtedly, some of the best options are Spanish tapas. The world of tapas in Spain is endless. There are as many types of tapas as there are gastronomic products, and each region of Spain has its well-known and typical tapas based on its own culinary tradition and culture: seafood (mussels, squid, anchovies), various croquettes, different types of omelettes, the famous and delicious Spanish olives, assorted vegetables, and incredible patatas bravas, among others.


Spanish TapasSpanish Tapas


Choosing the Type of Ham for Your Celebration

To choose the most suitable type of ham for your celebration, we recommend checking out Enrique Tomás' ham types. There isn't one that's inherently better than the others. We know that 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham is of the highest quality. However, that doesn't mean it's the one you'll enjoy the most, nor is it the only good alternative when it comes to buying ham. It will depend on your taste and the purpose you have in mind. To choose correctly, consult:

  • How to Choose a Good Iberian Ham?

If you prefer to go with the flow, at Enrique Tomás, as ham experts, we'll help you find the perfect ham for you. Contact us through our live chat on the website, and we'll advise you to the best of our ability.

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