Nuevas Aperturas de Enrique Tomás - Enrique Tomás

New Openings by Enrique Tomás

Since we opened our first Enrique Tomás store at an airport in 2016, at Madrid's Terminal T4 aire, we haven't stopped opening more at both national and international airports: two in Madrid, one at each terminal (T1 and T2) at Barcelona Airport, one at Bilbao Airport, and one at London Luton Airport.

We recently announced three new openings: the first at another national airport, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the second at T4 land in Madrid (that's four here now), and the third and major project was the upcoming opening in Lima, Peru.

Well, it's now a reality! With our determination to bring ham to the whole world, we've crossed the pond for the second time, and together with Mexico, there are now two American countries where Enrique Tomás has opened its doors.

In Lima, Peru

With the first store in Lima, Enrique Tomás sets foot on the South American continent, but it won't be the only one, as there are plans to open three or four more in the land of ceviche and to expand to more countries. The store is located on the first floor of Jockey Plaza Shopping Center in Lima.

We call the format of this first store "Experience" because, in addition to our delicious ham, cured meats, cheeses, and various delights, we want the customer to feel in a tranquil, modern, cozy environment where they can have an unforgettable Iberian gastronomic experience. The personalized service from our staff, specialized in hand-cutting ham, ensures the customer enjoys a pleasant experience with a show included. The store covers an area of 85 square meters.

  • Jockey Plaza Shopping Center Javier Pardo Este 4200 Surco, Lima

Opening in Peru

Our Store

At Enrique Tomás, we aim to enhance the dining experience from every perspective, and we are progressively applying this philosophy to our older stores. We are also remodeling and redecorating them to make them more welcoming and in line with this philosophy.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is even better. Here is an interview on the Perú21 channel of Peruvian television, conducted on-site with Enrique Tomás himself.


In National Territory: Alicante

We are also proud to continue our expansion in national territory, this time in Alicante. We have opened a franchise in a well-known shopping center, a large and spacious store where customers will feel comfortable, well-attended, and, above all, delighted with our ham.

  • Gran Vía Shopping Center c/ José García Sellés, 2 03015 - Alicante

Enrique Tomás Store in Alicante

Exterior of the Enrique Tomás store

Alicante 2

Interior of the Enrique Tomás store

New Openings in the Project

And we haven't forgotten about Mexico; on the contrary, we are planning to open three more stores here soon. We want to open one in Argentina and another in the USA. You always ask us, especially when we will open in the USA. There are many citizens in that country, both Spanish immigrants and nationals, who love and miss ham.

Well, rest assured that although overcoming trade barriers is not easy, sooner or later, we will succeed. With your motivation, we feel capable of anything! If you're looking for a specific store, don't forget you can find them here.

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