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The APP of Ham at home

The good Iberian ham is a pleasure at any time of the day, and freshly sliced even more so. Now you can enjoy this pleasure whenever and wherever you like, thanks to Enrique Tomás.

With our new Home Delivery Ham service, you can order it through the Ham App whenever you want, wherever you are, alone or with company. Don't miss out! The best ham can now be on your mobile.

Download it now!

demo app to buy Iberian ham


When you crave ham, don't wait; Enrique Tomás brings it directly from the leg to your mouth, served just the way you like it. Whether you're at the office and have little time or have long meetings, if you're on the college campus, watching a Champions League match in the comfort of your home, and you want quality ham, grab your mobile or tablet and order from us; we'll prepare it immediately and deliver it right away.

Whatever the reason, whenever you want pleasure to come to you, count on the Enrique Tomás Ham App. You'll find multiple delicious options with ham in tasty and crispy sandwiches, on trays, for snacking, in salads, and much more. Ready to eat just the way you like it!

If you prefer other options with Iberian sausages and cured cheeses, you'll find them as well, along with various high-quality traditional tapas options. All accompanied by a wide range of beverages: assorted soft drinks, and for those who want to enjoy a good pairing, wines and cavas to choose from according to your taste. In short, we bring Enrique Tomás to you.

What Does the App Offer?

A lot of Iberian flavor! The best ham on the market delivered directly from your mobile to your table.

You can order the same as what you eat in our stores, but with special combinations already designed for solo dining or with company. Our goal is nothing other than to satisfy your cravings for ham without complications, for every moment of your life. Count on us for appetizers, starters, or your entire menu. We're here for whatever you need; you decide!

Enrique Tomás takes it a step further and becomes the provider of Home Delivery Ham. We've tried to make the Ham App practical and easy to use. Downloadable from the Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows phone. We're starting this new venture with great enthusiasm after many years of internal work trying to design a system that adapts to today's way of life.

We're at your service whenever you want. Starting today, we bring our store to your home or workplace. Place your order and enjoy!

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