Visita el Mobile World Congress y disfruta del mejor Jamón! Enrique Tomás

Visit the Mobile World Congress and enjoy the best jamón!

As every year since 2006, Barcelona is the hosting city for the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Both digital technology and mobile network professionals and thousands of visitors from around the world gather in Barcelona for 4 intense days of work.

If they have some free time, many will take the opportunity to explore the city and enjoy its rich gastronomic offerings. Of course, they won't want to miss out on a delicious plate of ham and/or a fine selection of Iberian cured meats.

It's a well-deserved reward after a long day of meetings and work!

Come to Enrique Tomás for Your Reward

Enrique Tomás has specialized ham shops all over Barcelona where you can try this delicious delicacy and all the Iberian products you desire, guided by our expert ham connoisseurs. We have shops with a tasting bar for you to sample before buying, takeaway service, or tables for a relaxed dinner if you prefer.

Come visit us, and we'll tell you everything you want to know about the world of ham.

Special Offer from Enrique Tomás

Available exclusively on our online store during the Mobile World Congress (February 25-28, 2019). As a token of appreciation for the visitors and ham lovers who visit our city, and because we're sure you'll be delighted with our exquisite ham, we offer a special deal from our e-commerce.

It's a Travel Pack with over a kilo of Iberian shoulder, and as a gift, a bottle of organic red wine that pairs perfectly with ham, produced exclusively for Enrique Tomás by renowned wineries.

Let us know if you'd like it delivered to your hotel or if you prefer to have it shipped back home. But remember, this offer expires after the MWC.

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