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The stars of the Jamón

At Enrique Tomás, we have spent our whole life among hams! Nearly 40 years learning, loving, and getting to know ham firsthand. We cure them, taste them, and select them so that when you buy ham, you know in advance what you're going to put in your mouth, no matter your taste. That's why we know that no two hams are alike. Curious, isn't it?

So, hams are unique pieces, and there's a perfect one for every occasion. For you, we've classified them with a simple star-based method so that whatever you choose, you always make the right choice. We'll tell you everything!

Exclusive Selection Process by Enrique Tomás

When you want ham and you go to your usual butcher, and they talk to you about origin, breed purity, feed... it can be difficult to find what you're looking for unless you're a ham fanatic like us.

For example, you've probably heard words like "cebo," "cebo de campo," "recebo," but you might not really know what they mean. One thing our long experience behind a counter and in the restaurant industry has taught us is that few customers know. Fortunately, our employees hear the phrase "I don't know which one it is or where it's from, but it's delicious!" every day.
So, what they do know is that if they trust Enrique Tomás, all their doubts will be clarified, and they will find the best ham of all kinds made on the Iberian Peninsula. Because what really matters to us is that they take home the ham they are looking for for every occasion, and they enjoy it!

If, on the one hand, we have that no ham is the same as another, and on the other hand, the consumer wants the ham to taste glorious, regardless of where it comes from and what the animal has eaten, at Enrique Tomás, we have decided to opt for a simple system that allows them to quickly recognize what they need, what they like.

It's a simple star-based method, the same stars that identify us in our logo and that each of our ham pieces carries: 3, 4, or 5 stars depending on the quality and texture.


The Stars of Ham by Enrique Tomás

The Classification

3 stars ***

The first step to pleasure

4 stars ****

The best quality-price ratio

5 stars *****

The best of the best

No one else can do something like this and make it so easy for you! Because we know the most about ham, and we are the only ones who, under our own brand, sell the best in the entire ham market.

Our commitment is solely and exclusively to you, and we are here to serve you better in our Enrique Tomás stores, and now much easier for you!

And don't forget that we deliver your ham wherever you want
from our online store if you're far from home for whatever reason.

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