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I love you a ham!

"In February, one day bad and another good," says the popular saying, but who cares about bad weather when you're happy and in love?

There's nothing better than giving and receiving love from our partner. Valentine's Day is approaching, and at Enrique Tomás, we want you to celebrate it in style with our finest Iberian ham, so you can enjoy it with a good wine or sparkling wine with that special someone.

Buying Iberian ham at Enrique Tomás for your Valentine's dinner or dining at any of our stores with this delicious delicacy ensures you a finger-licking night. And if you're following us on Facebook or Instagram, you can win an exquisite field-bred shoulder ham. We'll tell you all about it!

The Tradition of Valentine's Day

February 14th arrives, and couples seek that intimate moment to say "I love you," to keep the flame of love alive, to enchant and surprise, to make a proposal, or give a special gift to someone they share life with and who is always there when they need them.

If you're not sure what to give your partner because you're running out of ideas and you're looking for originality, don't rack your brains! What could be better than giving a romantic dinner with good ham or giving an original ham-related gift?

Don't think twice and check out all the ham packs in our online store, sliced and available by quality and price for all budgets and tastes.


He or she will thank you a lot, believe us! If you prefer to have the best ham served to you so as not to divert your partner's attention at any moment, look for the Enrique Tomás store that suits you best for the occasion.

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