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What foods are essential in the typical Spanish Christmas dinner?

When Christmas comes, the little ones in the house are excited because the Three Wise Men from the East are arriving, and the adults are also eager because we want all the preparations to be ready.

When it comes to organizing the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner, we all want to have top-quality ingredients. If you want to prepare the most traditional Spanish Christmas dinner, take note.

This is what you'll need!


What is the typical Spanish menu for Christmas dinner?


Cheeses and Cold Cuts

Let's start with the appetizers. It's most common to serve a platter of top-quality cheeses, Iberian cold cuts, and cold cuts. When choosing cheeses, you can go for the typical ones from our country, such as aged sheep's milk cheese, but also consider others from neighboring regions, like the typical Italian Parmesan.

As for the cold cuts, it's best to include chorizo, salchichón, and Iberian loin made from the meat of authentic Iberian pigs from our peninsula. It's important to buy them from specialized stores like Enrique Tomás or gourmet supermarkets to ensure the quality of the product. Once you slice and serve them, there won't be any leftovers!


Ham, of course

And when it comes to Iberian ham, we are very clear: when you buy acorn-fed Iberian ham, you're choosing to delight any palate. This cured ham is loved by everyone because the fat infiltration into the muscle of the Iberian pigs that have undergone the montanera is unique, giving the ham a very juicy touch. Considering that each origin has its own nuances, we advise you to get a tasting pack of our mild, aromatic, flavorful, and intense flavors. With a package like this, you can taste the different Iberian flavors according to your palate.

Finally, to complete the traditional Christmas dinner menu, there are two options: meat or fish. The most common meat dishes are chicken or lamb, typical of the interior of Spain or the Mediterranean coast, where they are also used to make stews and soups. As for fish, the most common, especially in the north of Spain, is seafood. It depends on the preferences of each household.

So, what can't be missing? Cheese, cold cuts, and ham. Everything else will depend on the consumer's taste.


Wine Pairing BasketBasket 2
Red Wine Pairing Basket with Iberian Cold Cuts

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And for Dessert?

Any Christmas dinner worth its salt must end with polvorones (almond shortbread), turrones (nougat), and, of course, sparkling wine. The most common polvorones are almond-based; however, chocolate, lemon, or cinnamon varieties are increasingly in demand.

As for turrones, the hard and soft ones are the classics, but in recent years, new flavors have made their way onto our Christmas tables. Chocolate with olive oil or mojito-flavored turrones are some of the more daring options, but there are many more! It all depends on individual tastes. If there are children at home, it's a good idea to buy dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate turrones. Chocolate bonbons or truffles are another alternative that will appeal to both young and old. When the desserts are served, there will surely be something to please every family member!

Having said that, now that you know the essentials of any Spanish Christmas dinner, what are you waiting for? As soon as you have everything ready and the whole family is sitting around the table, you'll enjoy a unique moment—these dates are always special!


Christmas Turrones (Nougat)Christmas Turrones (Nougat)

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