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Where to buy quality acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham

Iberian shoulder is the meat obtained after the curing of the front legs of authentic Iberian pigs, and choosing a good piece is essential to fully enjoy its flavor. But, are you wondering where to buy high-quality acorn-fed Iberian shoulder?

Well, here are different options for you!


Buying Iberian shoulder in physical stores

When it comes to buying ham or Iberian shoulder, the best thing you can do is go to a trusted place where they let you taste some slices before purchasing the product, so you can discover if it's what you're looking for or not.

Specialized stores

Enrique Tomás is the world's largest chain of ham shops, and we've been providing the best Iberian products for over thirty years. Our motto is: a customer is not just someone who buys, but someone who comes back, and this is what makes us always offer top-quality acorn-fed Iberian shoulders. All our pieces have passed a triple quality process, and if we receive a shoulder that doesn't meet the required conditions, we won't sell it.

Thanks to the personalized attention of our master ham experts in each of our establishments, you will discover which is the best shoulder for you based on your tastes because it's not all about the price. The flavor of the Iberian shoulder from grain-fed pigs is milder than that of acorn-fed ones, so if you prefer more delicate nuances, we will recommend these pieces, not others. We are confident that when you get home and open your packs of sliced meat or your whole piece, you will be satisfied!

Gourmet supermarkets

In addition to visiting a specialized store, you can go to your trusted supermarket, but it's important that before buying anything, you pay attention to this advice: DO NOT choose those packages with slices cut identically to each other, and if they are whole pieces, always look at the safety ties, not at the seller's adjectives on the label.

The shoulders and hams that are sold like this have been shaped and frozen beforehand, and since freezing destroys the aromas and nuances of the Iberian product, we strongly advise against it. At Enrique Tomás, under no circumstances do we subject our meat pieces to sub-zero temperatures because it would ruin all the work of our cooks. So, if you want to buy some good slices of shoulder, make sure that each and every one of them is unique.


Buying shoulder online

Just like all products in the world, you can also order high-quality acorn-fed Iberian shoulder online without leaving your home. In this case, we recommend visiting our website, as we have mentioned before, our pieces have to pass a triple quality process, so by buying Iberian products from Enrique Tomás, you can be sure that your shoulder is among the best on the market.


100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Shoulder - Intense Flavor100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Shoulder - Intense Flavor


The buying process is also very simple. You just need to enter, choose the product you like the most from our wide selection, fill in the fields, and make the purchase. In less time than you can imagine, you'll have your pieces at home!

Moreover, if you buy sliced products, as they are vacuum-sealed, you can keep them for up to three months, so there's no need to place a weekly order; you can buy with the long term in mind. So, where to buy high-quality acorn-fed Iberian shoulder?

Well, at Enrique Tomás! Where else?

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