con que vino acompañar el jamón ibérico

With what wine to accompany the Iberian ham

If you want to know what wine to pair with Iberian ham, you're in luck because at Enrique Tomás, we're here to help. Ham is a product that can be enjoyed on its own, and its flavor is so authentic and delightful that it will leave you satisfied.

However, as experts in the world of ham, we recommend enjoying it with a beverage that complements it perfectly, as this is the best way to savor one of our finest national products.

Go ahead and try some of our combinations!


Types of Pairing for Ham

We can distinguish between two types of pairing: complementary and contrasting.


Complementary Pairing

We refer to the harmony achieved when combining certain wines with ham. This fusion blends the flavors together into a harmonious experience.


Contrasting Pairing

Thanks to white wines and cavas, which are commonly used for this type of pairing, you can cleanse your palate and fully enjoy the authentic taste of ham in every slice, avoiding any conflicting flavors.


Wine to Pair with Iberian Cebo Ham

The first thing to consider is that ham is not just for satisfying hunger; it's meant to be enjoyed. Traditionally, cured ham was associated with red wine, as both are popular Spanish gastronomic products known worldwide. However, the consumption of white wine has gradually gained prominence over red wine because the latter has a more intense flavor and can sometimes overpower the delicate taste of ham.

At Enrique Tomás, we lean in the same direction. However, if you can't resist a good red wine and want to pair it with ham, go ahead. Just be sure not to consume them simultaneously; enjoy them separately, and have some "picos sevillanos" in between. Why? The reason is simple. Consuming them this way creates a sensation of cleanliness and freshness in your mouth, allowing you to appreciate the subsequent flavor more effectively.

However, as specialists, we recommend pairing ham with white wine, creating a complementary pairing. Since white wine is less invasive, you will fully enjoy the delightful flavor of the ham.

With that said, the white wines that pair best with cured ham are those with some aging and a well-settled texture. The most recommended ones are "blanco fino" and "manzanilla." Additionally, it's advisable to stay away from young wines, rosés, and fruity wines, as their flavors may overshadow the nuances of the ham on your palate.

By following these guidelines, you'll discover that you can enjoy a comprehensive tasting of hams and wines. Share it with friends and family, and the experience will be truly unique!


Wines to Pair with Iberian Bellota Ham

Both cebo and bellota Iberian ham, also known colloquially as "pata negra" ham, come from Iberian breed pigs raised on our peninsula. Their meat is among the most consumed and sought after, enjoying a prestigious reputation worldwide.

Pairing them with a suitable beverage is not an easy task; you must know how to choose the right wine to enhance their flavors and fully open up your taste buds. A good wine to pair with Gran Reserva ham is one of the finest delights.

Therefore, just like with cebo ham, it is recommended to enjoy bellota ham with a complementary pairing of white wine because it is more delicate. On this occasion, since bellota ham is considered a more select product, you can also pair it with a special wine, such as a white wine with a subtle touch of wood. The combination will be perfect! But what if you don't like wine or simply don't feel like it?

Go ahead and try cava!


Cava as a Companion to the Finest Iberian Ham

This combination is one of the latest culinary trends, and its subtle sparkling touch is winning over more and more ham connoisseurs. Cava is a contrasting pairing that helps enhance the flavor of the ham and allows you to enjoy every slice as if it were the first.

To fully savor the cured ham, it is recommended to pair it with a cava low in sugars, such as "Brut" or another with longer aging. The latter are the most recommended for pairing with bellota Iberian ham, while Brut is more suitable for cebo ham.

Cava is a beverage very similar to champagne but, unlike champagne, it is produced in Spain, mainly in Catalonia. If you're going to pair our bellota ham with cava, remember that this ham is a high-quality product and deserves an equally excellent companion.

Go for a quality cava, and you'll see how you enjoy ham from a completely different perspective!

As you can see, both contrasting and complementary pairings are good, but the decision to choose one over the other ultimately falls on you. Feel free to choose between cava, white, or red wine, but if you opt for the latter, remember to enjoy it with "picos." It's irresistible either way!

There's something for every taste!

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