Corte de jamón

Cutting the Jamón

The cutting of ham is a skill that requires a lot of dexterity and technique to be able to perform it effectively and achieve a quality result.

Firstly, a good quality ham should be selected, preferably with adequate curing. It is important to make sure that the piece is securely fastened on a special support to prevent it from moving during cutting.

The cut should start in the area of the “babilla” or the “contramaza”, which are the most cured parts of the ham. The outer crust should be removed and the ham should be sliced into thin pieces, taking care to maintain the thickness and uniformity of each slice.

One of the keys to making a good cut is the choice of the appropriate knife. It is recommended to use a long, flexible and well-sharpened knife to allow for precise and effortless cutting.

Another important factor is the posture and movement of the cutter. A comfortable and stable posture should be maintained, and the cutting movement should be smooth and firm, without making sudden movements.

Finally, it is important to highlight the importance of serving freshly cut ham to enjoy its full flavor and aroma. In addition, it is recommended to cover the surface of the jamón with plastic wrap after cutting to prevent oxidation and maintain its freshness.

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