Deshuesado del jamón Enrique Tomás

Deboning of Jamón

The deboning of ham is a delicate process that requires skill and experience to do correctly. The goal is to separate the bone from the ham while preserving the natural shape of the leg and obtaining high-quality slices. At Enrique Tomás, it is done entirely by hand and using artisanal techniques.

Deboning is carried out using special knives with a long and thin blade that allows them to reach the most difficult areas. The process is done manually and requires great precision and skill to avoid damaging the meat of the ham and to maintain the natural shape of the leg.

Deboning is generally carried out after the ham has been cured and dried for several months. Once the bone has been removed, the leg can be presented whole or sliced and vacuum-packed.

It is important to highlight that ham deboning is a technique that should be carried out by experienced professionals, as an error during the process can damage the quality of the meat and affect the taste and texture of the final product.

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