Pairing ham with wine is a very interesting subject for lovers of good food and wine. To find the perfect combination between ham and wine, it is important to take into account some of the ham’s characteristics, such as its flavour, texture and degree of maturing.

In general, younger and fresher hams, such as Gran Reserva ham, can be combined with young and light wines, such as young white or light red wines. These wines have a fresh acidity that complements the salty flavour of the ham very well.

On the other hand, more cured hams with a more intense flavour, such as acorn-fed Iberian ham, can be paired with more complex and full-bodied wines, such as barrel-aged red wines. These wines have a more complex structure that can support the intense flavour of the ham.

In any case, it is important that the wine and the ham do not compete with each other, but complement and enhance each other. In addition, the possibility of pairing ham with beer, cider or even a glass of cava or champagne can also be considered.

In short, pairing ham can be a very rewarding gastronomic experience if the characteristics of the ham are taken into account and the right wines are chosen to accompany it.

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