Brocheta fría para aperitivo saludable Enrique Tomás

Cold skewer for healthy snack

December is approaching, the season of celebrations par excellence. That's why, from Enrique Tomás, we want to give you ideas for dishes to prepare a perfect Christmas appetizer.

Surprise your loved ones with our suggestions! Plus, if you follow our advice, you'll get original, quick-to-prepare, and of course, healthy recipes.

Introducing our cold skewer for a healthy appetizer.


FOR AN APPETIZER (10 skewers)

TOTAL TIME: 10 min

  • 3 Small Goat Cheese Medallions.
  • Avocado
  • 5 Cherry Tomatoes
  • 20 Enrique Tomás Iberian Ham Tacos
  • Mango
  • Olive Oil and sesame seeds (optional)

The holiday season is approaching and with it come family gatherings, company events, and meals and dinners with friends. Get ready and unleash your inner chef. At Enrique Tomás, we'll show you how to prepare this appetizer and many others in: 5 appetizers with Iberian ham for Christmas or ideas for Christmas appetizers. If you're daring, we recommend our Christmas turkey.

In this case, today we're going to prepare a cold skewer using ingredients like goat cheese, avocado, mango, cherry tomatoes, and our star ingredient, delicious Iberian ham in the form of small cubes. An exquisite combination thanks to the contrast of flavors in your mouth. The avocado, mango, and tomato provide freshness and sweetness, while the cheese and ham bring intensity and consistency.


1. Cut the mango and avocado into small cubes.

2. Next, halve the cherry tomatoes.

3. Also, cut the goat cheese medallion into 4 pieces.

4. Take a skewer and start with a piece of avocado, then a ham cube, the goat cheese, half a cherry tomato, a piece of mango, and finish with another ham cube.

5. Add a drizzle of olive oil (if necessary) and some sesame seeds.

It's ready!

Why do we choose ham cubes for this cold skewer?

The ham cubes are obtained from the meat closest to the bone, specifically from the hock and shank areas. In these areas, when you can no longer getslices, the entire ham is removed and cut into cubes.

This meat, so close to the bone, has a more intense flavor and a unique texture that makes it the most flavorful part of the ham. That's why, for this recipe of contrasts, we've chosen the cubes. Plus, as a format, they fit perfectly on a skewer.

Prepare your Christmas meals with our recipes and remember that ham is the star ingredient of a great holiday table. If you're still unsure about your choice for this Christmas, we'll help you with this post: How to choose the ham for your Christmas hamper.

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