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Three typical Spanish food products

Curious about knowing the most typical products of Spanish cuisine? In this post, we're going to clear your doubts. We're talking about three gastronomic wonders, the kind that once you try them, you only have one option: to repeat.

These are Iberian ham, Iberian cured sausages, and aged or semi-aged cheese.


Iberian Ham, the First Allure of Spanish Cuisine

Iberian ham is considered one of the finest native products of the Iberian Peninsula and one of the defining elements of Spanish cuisine.

This type of ham comes from a unique breed in the world: the Iberian pig. This species stands out from the rest due to its ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle. The pigs belonging to this breed live in a very distinctive environment: the "dehesas" or oak groves. In these landscapes exclusive to the Iberian Peninsula, there are unique climatic conditions for raising these animals, where they feed on the famous acorns. This is how the "acorn-fed Iberian ham" is distinguished. During the curing process, these hams are treated very specially by expert ham artisans, who, with care and patience, prepare each piece so that after approximately three years (depending on the exact weight of each leg), it can enter the market.

Iberian ham not only attracts us due to its name and origin but, once we taste it, it's its intense and addictive flavor that captivates us. The most precious of them all is 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham, popularly known as "pata negra." Eating this type of ham is a pleasure. Let your palate enjoy each slice, savoring its intensity and immersing yourself in the authentic aroma of Iberian ham.

In conclusion, Iberian ham is one of the flagship products of global gastronomy. You can purchase it through our online store, either whole or sliced, and we will quickly and securely deliver it wherever you want. There, you can also choose from types you prefer: Iberian country ham or premium acorn-fed Iberian ham.


Iberian Country Ham without HoofOur Iberian Country Ham

Our Premium Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham

Iberian Cured Sausages, Another Classic of Spanish Cuisine

Iberian cured sausages, as the name suggests, are unique to the Iberian Peninsula and among the most coveted products of the country. Spanish charcuterie is globally renowned for its exquisite sausages and, especially, for the Iberian ones, which, like Iberian ham, are unique and of excellent quality. The Iberian pig's ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle is also reflected in the flavor and aroma of Iberian cured sausages, incomparable to any other sausage on the market.

We're talking about Iberian chorizo, Iberian salchichón (sausage), and Iberian loin. These three jewels of our cuisine have diverse flavors and nuances, crafted artfully from the lean meat of the Iberian pig, cured and mixed with spices, among which black peppercorns stand out.

They can be consumed in different ways and at different times, but one of the most typical formats is the Iberian cured sausage platter. A combination of cured Iberian products that will be perfect as part of a meal or dinner, or simply as a gourmet appetizer at any time of the day. To acquire Iberian chorizo, Iberian salchichón, or Iberian loin, visit our online store, where you can choose between whole sausage pieces to cut to your liking or purchase pre-sliced Iberian sausage packets ready to enjoy.


Cured Meats Platter for Christmas
Delicious Iberian cured sausages and meats

Cheese, One of the Most Desired of Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cheese is an integral part of our gastronomic culture. The specialty in our country lies in aged or semi-aged cheeses.

For a cheese to be considered "aged cheese," it must be matured for a minimum of 4 to 7 months. These types of cheeses contain very little water, making them fattier and presenting a strong flavor, greatly enhanced by such maturation. Another popular type of cheese in Spanish cuisine is semi-aged cheese, a midway point between the soft texture of fresh cheese and the intense flavors of aged cheese. For a cheese to be "semi-aged," it must have matured for at least 35 days. These cheeses are usually made from cow, goat, or sheep milk.

Regarding sheep's milk, it's important to note that it's richer in fat and proteins. This milk has a lower water content, resulting in the famous sheep cheeses having a more intense, creamy, and aromatic flavor. These cheeses are characterized by their slightly acidic, salty, and buttery taste, as well as the numerous benefits they offer to our health, including their high mineral and vitamin content, and easy digestion.

At Enrique Tomás, you can choose from semi-aged cow, sheep, or goat cheeses, or sheep cheese aged for more than six months. If you're a cheese lover, they will undoubtedly be the perfect complement to one of those assorted platters of different varieties that you love so much.

And if you prefer, you can use them as an accompaniment to a good plate of ham or a platter of delicious Iberian cured sausages. Discover our variety of cheeses designed to make your dining experience enjoyable.


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Buy Manchego Cheese

If you're a fan of Spanish cuisine, you probably already knew about these three products. If you hadn't heard of them yet, now's your chance. Try them and enjoy their infinite possibilities. Put together a nice dinner with your family or closest friends and present a varied assortment of Iberian cured sausages, a plate filled with Iberian ham, and a platter of aged and semi-aged cheeses.

Pair it with a bit of bread and extra virgin olive oil, and uncork a bottle of red or white wine, as you prefer. Experience an authentic Spanish dinner and do it with Enrique Tomás products! Find all the products on our website.


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