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Advantages of buying ham online at Enrique Tomás

Our business is ham and it is that, when it comes to buying ham online , at Enrique Tomás we make everything very easy for you because ham is made to enjoy and to give pleasure... no matter where you buy it! Our chain of establishments, distributed inside and outside Europe, are made to offer you the best Iberian products, but if you cannot access any of them, on the Enrique Tomás website you will find everything you need easily, safely and quickly. .

Why buy ham online?

The world of ham is full of tradition and so much so that the very fact of buying ham implies an exaltation of the senses. Nothing like going to our trusted delicatessen and falling in love with all the senses of that piece that we will take home. Seeing the master cutter delicately treat a leg of ham to extract perfect slices from it… there is nothing you can buy with this! Buying ham is almost a ritual full of flavors, aromas and textures .

But what happens when we have gone to live outside of Spain, when our hectic pace of life does not allow us to enjoy these small pleasures, because that is when we consider the option of buying ham online.

In Enrique Tomás stores you will find the best Iberian products and if you are determined to take a piece home, our employees will most likely offer you to try a bit of a ham or shoulder of the same quality. In addition, you can enjoy a stop and a moment of relaxation with a few beers and a ham tasting with friends, or you can simply recharge your batteries with the sandwiches and taquitos and chips cones from our tasting bar. But, although all these advantages are only possible when you visit a physical store, the Enrique Tomás online store also has a lot to offer when buying ham online:

Product catalog : It doesn't matter if you are not an expert in the field of ham because on the Enrique Tomás website you will find everything you need in a simple and intuitive way. All products classified by quality, format and origin, find what you are looking for in just a couple of clicks. In addition, you will be able to see a detailed file of each product full of relevant information such as its history, its nutritional information or the tasting details of each one of them. Hams, Shoulders, Sausages, Cheeses, Wines, Cavas and Accessories for handling a piece of ham at home... we have it all!

El Blog del Jamón : One of our objectives is to give ham a name in the world and for this it is not enough for us to sell the best products since we have also proposed to educate, from humility and experience, about this wonderful world. In Enrique Tomás' Ham Blog you will find the latest news in the sector, recipes and more in-depth explanations on those topics that have always generated doubts regarding ham, its production, its regulation and its sale. Buying ham online can also be quite an experience!

Assistance chat : As in our physical stores, if there is a specific question when buying ham online, you will have our ham advisors available to help you not only with technical aspects of each product but also with the purchase process itself or registration on our website. Available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., our team will always be willing to explain everything you need to know about ham or any of our products. Go ahead and ask them what you want!

Exclusive promotions : Buying ham online at Enrique Tomás has a prize because we have exclusive promotions and discounts that you can only enjoy by making your purchases through our page. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date.

Comprar Jamón Online - Enrique Tomás

Gifts, discounts and more at Enrique Tomás online

Here you have in detail all those exclusive promotions that you can make use of when buying ham on the Enrique Tomás website:

free shipping

We will take care of the shipping costs of your package when the purchase is greater than €50 for deliveries in Spain or €150 for deliveries in the rest of Europe except Cyprus.
free delivery of ham purchases online

insured gift

At Enrique Tomás we reward your purchases with the best gifts. Choose your favorite products and if your purchase exceeds €100 you can choose an additional product completely free from our selection.

This selection will vary depending on the total amount of your order, changing if it exceeds €200 or if it reaches €500. Complete your purchase with slices, utensils, wedges of cheese or wine.

guaranteed gift buy ham online

Valuation discounts

Every time you make a purchase you will receive an email with an invitation to rate the products you have purchased. Share your experience with other users and receive a 5% discount code to use on your next purchase.

You will receive a different code for each evaluation!
discounts for valuation online purchase of ham

exclusive products

On our website you will find products for exclusive sale online depending on the season. One of these products, which is very popular, is the famous Ham Cutting Course, which you can only purchase through our online store.

As you can see, there are all advantages when buying ham online with Enrique Tomás. We know that nothing can beat the experience of entering one of our delicatessens and seeing how the ham is cut by hand and the best sandwiches are prepared, but if you don't have time or have any pork establishment, don't hesitate!

Enter the Enrique Tomás website and make your purchases with all the confidence and security that only the years of experience and professionalism that characterizes us can give you.

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