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Buy Jamón for Christmas, Which one is better for you?

Buying ham during Christmas is a classic, and the holidays just aren't the same without a piece of ham at home or, at the very least, a good platter of cold cuts for Christmas appetizers. But in addition to shopping for meals or family dinners, Christmas is also the prime time for gifts. So, if you're thinking of gifting ham, at Enrique Tomás, we offer you the best options to surprise your loved ones.

We'll make buying Iberian ham give you as much pleasure as eating it... or at least we'll try!


What's the best ham?

When it comes to giving a gift, we always want the best. But when it comes to ham, what's the best? At Enrique Tomás, we believe that the best doesn't have to be the most expensive, but rather the one you like the most. Staying true to our principles, our first recommendation is to gift what you like the most. Follow your instincts and share the flavor that excites you the most. On the other hand, if you're not familiar with the options or you enjoy them all, here are some details to consider when buying ham for Christmas:

Buying Ham for Christmas: Whole Piece

If your idea is to buy a whole piece of ham, one of the first questions that might come to mind is whether to get ham or shoulder. Some prefer one over the other, but what you should know is that both are of the highest quality. Regarding their differences, the first thing to know is that ham comes from the hind leg of the pig, while shoulder comes from the front leg. This results in differences in size, taste, and ease of carving.

Ham is larger than shoulder, and the latter, being smaller, usually has a more intense flavor because the meat is closer to the bone. In terms of carving, ham is easier to handle due to more meat and less bone.

So, what should determine your purchase in this case?

 Nothing more and nothing less than your taste, or if it's a gift, the recipient's taste.


Find the ham or shoulder that suits you best, or if you're one who believes Christmas isn't complete without a Christmas basket, choose the ideal product lot for you.

The ham or shoulder couldn't have a better companion!

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Buying Ham for Christmas: by Quality

At Enrique Tomás, we have different kinds of ham or shoulder that are classified according to quality standards and differentiated by the number of stars we assign. What does this classification depend on? Well, nothing more and nothing less than the breed of the pig it comes from, its diet, and the aging time of each piece.

On one hand, let's begin by distinguishing between serrano ham and Iberian ham. The main difference lies in the breed: serrano ham comes from white pigs or non-Iberian pigs, while Iberian ham comes from the Iberian breed, unique to the Iberian Peninsula.

Within the Iberian category, differences can also be found, especially related to the purity of the pig's breed and its diet. Based on these factors, the aging time of each piece varies, ultimately determining its category.


Lote Jamón Gran Reserva

Lote Paleta Gran Reserva

Types of Iberian Ham or Iberian Shoulder

50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham

This comes from Iberian pigs, but due to their genetics, weight, etc., the farmer decides to raise them on a farm. They are fed with feed and grains there. Then, in this case, at Enrique Tomás, we cure it with salt for approximately 24 months.

50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Shoulder Lot

50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham Lot

50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Field Ham

In this case, the Iberian pig has lived on a farm, but also in the wild grazing in the field, being able to feed on some herbs and wild fruits, acquiring some qualities that will make it a better ham. However, it's important to note that the basis of its diet is still feed and grains.

In these pigs, the purity percentage of Iberian breed is usually between 50% and 75%. The curing time also remains around 24 months.


50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Field Shoulder Lot

50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Field Ham Lot


50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham

Iberian acorn-fed hams, on the other hand, come from pigs that have undergone the "montanera," the final fattening phase occurring from October to February in the pasturelands. During winter, the pigs are released into the open land, where they freely feed on acorns and roam around.

Thanks to the ability of these pigs to infiltrate fat into the muscle, their diet of acorns and natural products, and the activity they engage in during these almost five months, their front and hind legs acquire the characteristics that make their meat juicy and delicious. In this type of ham, the purity percentage of Iberian breed usually ranges between 50% and 75%.


Buy Ham for Christmas50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Shoulder Lot

Buy Ham for Christmas
50% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham Lot

100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham

Popularly known as the "Pata Negra." This ham has undergone all the processes explained above, but it fulfills a very important and specific requirement: it comes from a purebred Iberian pig, that is, both its father and mother are 100% Iberian.

It's the only one that can be considered 100% Iberian, and hence, it's the most prized and expensive. It boasts exquisite taste, texture, and aromas.


100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Shoulder Lot

Five-Star Ham Lot100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham Lot

Each of these qualities can be identified by the color tags that guarantee their quality, specifying the pig's diet and the purity percentage of the breed. Which one is the best? We insist, the one you like the most!

We know that 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham is of the highest quality. The combination of Iberian pigs' ability to intramuscularly infiltrate fat along with their acorn-based diet gives their meat an incomparable flavor and texture. Undoubtedly, it's a product of extremely high quality, representing Spanish gastronomy. However, that doesn't mean it's the one you'll like the most, nor is it the only great option when buying ham. It will depend on your taste and the purpose you have in mind. 

Buying Ham for Christmas: Based on Format

The choice of format depends on who the gift is intended for, as it's not the same to present someone with a whole ham as it is to offer an elegant tasting pack, for instance. In this year's Christmas baskets at Enrique Tomás, you'll find endless options for buying ham in all formats, so don't hesitate to choose the one that best suits your needs: whole pieces, slices, packs, tastings, and more.

If you're someone who travels to visit family members living far away, or if you want to surprise your top employees or clients, or even if you always gift gastronomic experiences... you'll find your ideal product or set of products. Different qualities, prices, and products for you to pick the one that aligns with your goals.

The Most Unique Christmas Gifts: Iberian Ham

Don't let buying ham for Christmas become a chore; enjoy it with the finest products from Enrique Tomás. Our online store is designed to allow you to savor ham quickly, securely, and make the best purchasing decisions. If you, like us, are passionate about ham, you'll find everything you need for yourself and others this festive season.

The Ham Experience Book

This book was conceived as an idea to explain the theory behind ham, coupled with a practical section that aids in understanding the concepts... read and eat! A package that allows you to savor different types of ham based on their quality and origin. The only book in the world that you can eat, where you'll find all the explanations about ham.

The ham included in this book is hand-carved and vacuum-sealed right away to preserve its unparalleled qualities to the fullest. Beneath each type's packet, you'll find a small tasting note to help you savor the specific characteristics of each ham.

The Ham Experience Book

Christmas Hampers with the Best Iberian Ham

Perfect for corporate gifts or family presents. In Enrique Tomás' Christmas hampers with ham, you'll find various options featuring the finest Iberian and Gran Reserva products.


Buying Ham for Christmas

The Best Christmas Gift
The Best Christmas Gift


This Year, Gift Ham!

Still have doubts? In our post "How to Choose the Ham for Your Christmas Hamper" or in the Christmas Baskets and Hampers at Enrique Tomás, we detail the options available, what each basket includes, as well as the price and shipping conditions.

This year, give a gastronomic experience and share our company's philosophy: Enjoying eating ham!

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