Diferencias entre queso de cabra y oveja Enrique Tomás

Differences between goat and sheep cheese

The fact that goat and sheep cheese are not the same is evident, but do you know the differences between goat cheese and sheep cheese? You probably love enjoying both with a bit of bread and oil. And if now, furthermore, you want to know what makes them different from each other and, therefore, special...

You've come to the right place because at Enrique Tomás, we'll explain it in detail!

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Five Differences Between Goat Cheese and Sheep Cheese

The most well-known goat cheeses include goat cheese log, Rocamadour, and Tommes cheese, among others, while the most popular sheep cheeses are Pecorino, Manchego cheese, Mozzarella, and Roquefort.

If it were up to us, we would eat them all every day, but as it's not good for your wallet, and we don't want you to overindulge, we'll explain the differences between goat cheese and sheep cheese so you can choose your favorite:

  1. The milk source: As the name suggests, they are produced from two different animals, the goat and the sheep.

  2. Appearance: Goat cheese is semi-soft, while sheep cheese is more compact. Goat cheese looks like a creamy mass, whereas sheep cheese is denser, and you won't have trouble cutting it with a knife.

  3. Taste: Both cheeses are strong and intense, but goat cheese is more acidic, while sheep cheese is oilier. If you try them together, you'll easily tell which is which because both are unmistakable.

  4. Nutritional value: Cheese consumption, regardless of the type, is always good, but the nutrients they provide are not the same. If you're looking for a cheese rich in vitamins and proteins, sheep cheese is the best choice because it contains a significant source of these and calcium. Furthermore, it's good for growth and has notable benefits for the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Goat cheese, on the other hand, is easier to digest, rich in proteins, and, as it is low in potassium, it is highly recommended for those with chronic kidney disease.

  5. Uses in cooking: As mentioned earlier, goat cheese is a common ingredient in pizzas and pastas, but also in salads, with bread and jam, or even fried. Sheep cheese is usually eaten on its own, accompanied by some bread and oil, but it can also be incorporated into salads, especially its fresher varieties: Greek feta cheese and Italian mozzarella. Our Manchego cheese is often eaten with bread, while Pecorino is grated to season various types of pasta.

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Enrique Tomás Ardiona Sheep's Cheese


As you can see, there are many differences between goat cheese and sheep cheese, but the most important one lies in their flavor. Each of us prefers different nuances, and when choosing a good cheese, the most important thing is to make sure it's exactly what you're looking for. If you're unsure, ask your cheese shopkeeper to let you taste it and clear your doubts!

In our stores, you can find various types of cheese, so feel free to have your own tasting with our plates of cured cheese bites, or don't hesitate to buy Iberian ham from our online store along with a couple of good cured cheeses.

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