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Buy quality Iberian ham online

These days, almost any product can be purchased online, and Iberian ham is no exception. Thanks to vacuum packaging, all the aromas and nuances are preserved while extending its shelf life. If you're trying to figure out where to buy quality Iberian ham online with all the guarantees, you're in luck. Can you think of a place? Bingo!

Let's see why doing it at Enrique Tomás and what steps you need to follow.

Why Buy Quality Iberian Ham Online at Enrique Tomás

For Enrique Tomás, a customer is not just someone who buys; it's someone who returns. To ensure that you come back to our ham shop, the best thing we can do is always give you top-quality cured ham, and that's what we do. Before marketing a piece, we make sure it passes the triple quality process, and if it doesn't, it won't reach your hands, we guarantee it. So, once we have it ready, we prepare it for sale, either sliced or whole, and make it available to you in our stores or through the website.

Thanks to our website, you'll have authentic Iberian ham just a click away without needing to leave your sofa. Just choose the product you want, add it to your cart, click to buy, and fill in the fields to process your order. We'll send it to wherever you want in less time than you can imagine!

If you happen to be in a Spanish city where we don't have a store – which is unlikely because we are the largest chain of ham shops in the world – this option is great to ensure that the ham you've purchased is good. Go for this purchasing process! As soon as you have your Iberian ham in your mouth...

You'll see it was worth it!


What If I'm Outside of Spain?

As we've already mentioned, we are the leading chain of ham shops, but this doesn't mean we have a store in every corner of the planet. In addition to Spain, we are in Andorra, France, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and the United States. If you are in a country different from these (mind you, not all of them), you can resort to online shipping.

To find out if we can deliver top-quality ham to you, all you have to do is visit our website and check with our online assistant to see if it's possible to deliver to your address. If so, you can get started!

Enrique Tomás Experience in Argentina


At Enrique Tomás, we also advise you to make the order right. Ham or sausage packages remain unopened for up to three months, so if you're placing an order, don't just order a single product. We have sliced ham of all types as well as sausages, and we even offer Iberian tasting packs that combine both products. Mix different options and make the most of the shipping!

That being said, Where to Buy Quality Iberian Ham Online? In our online store, of course! It's 100% secure, so you won't have to worry about a thing. Once you place your order...

You'll have your ham at home without even realizing it!

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