Tabla de ibéricos y frutas de temporada

Iberian cold meats and seasonal fruits: your summer dinner

When summer arrives, it's tempting to go out to the terrace for meals. Casual gatherings can turn into great events, as long as you share them with those you care about around a table full of quality products.

In this case, today we bring you a recipe idea perfect for these occasions and quite typical during the summer: iberian cured meats and seasonal fruits platter. An option that's ideal for shared lunches and dinners with friends or family.

One of the most typical starters in our cuisine is a variety of iberian cured meats, iberian ham, and cheese. Enjoying these with bread is undoubtedly a pleasure that everyone will enjoy. Moreover, if you add seasonal fruits typical of summer as accompaniments, you'll have a lighter, refreshing meal or dinner that's perfect for hot days.

How to prepare your iberian cured meats platter?

When we talk about cured meats, we usually refer to chorizo, loin, and salchichón (salami). Any Spanish platter worth its salt also includes iberian ham and aged cheese, two star delicacies of our cuisine. Below, we provide you with some tips on how to prepare a cured meats platter.

Place the ham and cheese on one side and the cured meats on the other to prevent everything from piling up on a single plate. It's important to avoid products coming into contact with each other to protect and maintain the flavor of each one.

If the products you've bought for your iberian cured meats platter are sliced and stored in the fridge, remember to take them out about half an hour before serving so they can reach room temperature and their flavor nuances can be appreciated.

Serve all the products sliced in the proportions you consider, and if you find you want more, then you can bring out the whole pieces to enjoy and let everyone take the amount they desire.

How to choose the best iberian cured meats for your platter?

Iberian Ham

Iberian ham is a unique product in the world that can only be obtained from the Iberian breed of pigs native to our peninsula. This situation has led us in our country to dedicate centuries to the curing of its meat, making us professionals in the finest "made in Spain" product.

To prepare a good cured meats platter, we recommend: field-grazed ham, iberian acorn-fed ham, or 100% iberian acorn-fed ham. Learn about all the types of iberian ham, choose the one that suits the occasion, and enjoy its flavor with your loved ones.

Iberian Ham Platter
Iberian Ham Platter

Iberian Cured Meats

Iberian cured meats are those made from meats of iberian pigs (of the Iberian breed), that is, from the Iberian Peninsula. The most traditional ones are loin, salami, and chorizo. What makes their meats so special is their juiciness, which they have thanks to the genetic ability of these pigs to infiltrate fat into the muscle.

Discover the types of iberian cured meats and choose which ones you want to include in your iberian cured meats platter with seasonal fruits.

Iberian Cured Meats PlatterIberian Cured Meats Platter


Spain has a rich cheese heritage. With over 26 Designations of Origin (D.O), we can say that there's no region in Spain where cheese isn't produced, and some of them are known for being among the best in the world.

In our online store, you'll find aged and semi-aged cheeses in wedge forms like sheep's cheese, goat's cheese, or mixed cheese.

Seasonal Fruits

In this case, we've chosen seasonal fruits like melon, apricots, strawberries, and avocado. The combination of sweet fruit and the saltiness of ham or cured meats is delicious and unmatched. Furthermore, the fruit adds freshness and lightness to this set of dishes perfect for sharing.

How to set the table for these occasions?

At Enrique Tomás, we believe in "less is more" and opt for simple decoration, without tablecloths or excessive adornments. In this case, we recommend a beautiful presentation for our iberian cured meats platter and a decoration based on seasonal fruits as a natural adornment. Here are some tips and ideas for setting the table for summer celebrations.

This can be useful for the magical night of San Juan or any celebration on the terrace, in the garden, on the balcony, or even inside your home. Whenever it is, the important thing is to bring joy and freshness to summer meals or dinners.

Enrique Tomás Summer DinnerEnrique Tomás Summer Dinner

Accompaniments for your iberian cured meats platter

To fully enjoy the iberian cured meats platter, we can't forget about pairing it with the right drinks. Among the most typical Spanish beverages, we have Spanish sangria, wine, cava, beer, or vermouth. In this case, we choose cava. It's the quintessential sparkling wine in Spain, originating from Catalonia. It's one of the best pairings for iberian ham and cured meats. Thanks to the bubbles, the taste buds open up much more, so after each sip, you experience an unparalleled sense of freshness.

The bubbles help cleanse the palate of fat and prepare it for the next bite. Therefore, when it comes to ham, it makes you enjoy every slice as if it were the first.

Enrique Tomás Summer Dinner

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