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Take care of your figure with the new fat-free ham

At Enrique Tomás, we are passionate about ham, and we always seek ways to take care of our customers. That's why we bring you a fantastic fat-free ham, the Zero Zero ham. You can enjoy it without any guilt even during your strictest diet days.

This new product, available in stores and online, maintains all the quality standards of our sliced hams. So, with or without fat, it will make your mouth water!

Ham Doesn't Make You Gain Weight

There has been much talk about this topic, but the truth is that ham doesn't make you gain weight, especially when we're talking about Iberian ham, and even more so if it's acorn-fed Iberian ham. Ham can even be beneficial due to its numerous properties; Iberian ham is known to be heart-healthy, it favors cholesterol levels by reducing the bad cholesterol, and thanks to its high content of B-group vitamins and minerals, it's a fantastic antioxidant.

However, we cannot deny that Iberian ham is more calorie-dense than other meats, such as turkey, but most of these calories are in the outer fat layer that covers the ham and is visible on the edges of the slices we love so much. But it's only the outer fat because in the case of acorn-fed Iberian ham, the streaks of fat seen within the ham are encapsulated oil rich in oleic acid, the same found in olive oil, which is highly beneficial for our health.

So, although ham doesn't make you gain weight, at Enrique Tomás, we have decided to create an even healthier product, a fat-free ham from which all the outer fat has been carefully removed. This fat, while excellent in flavor, does make the ham slightly more calorie-dense.


Ham without Fat: Enrique Tomás' Zero Zero

The new range of Zero Zero products includes three products for now, vacuum-packed slices of fat-free ham. To achieve this, each ham slice has been meticulously handled by our expert ham cutters, who manually removed all the fat covering the edges of each slice.

With these fat-free ham packs, we aim to reach an exclusive audience that, like the entire Enrique Tomás team, doesn't want to give up enjoying ham in their daily diet. Therefore, they need a product that suits their consumption needs. This light ham, painstakingly hand-deprived of fat, is perfect for breakfast or a midday snack.

Enjoy eating ham while taking care of your diet and leading a healthier life.

Take care of your figure with:

50% Iberian Field Bait Ham Zero Zero
Gran Reserva Zero Zero Ham
75% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham Zero Zero

Incorporating this ham into our diet may interest all of us, or at least combining it with another that is Zero Zero. For example, athletes in general or people who rigorously control their weight for medical reasons can now enjoy ham whenever they please.

What more could you ask for!

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