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The best companions for Spanish Jamón/ham

Who doesn't love wonderful gatherings with family or friends around a table, eating, drinking, and talking? And even more so when there's ham and a few plates of Iberian ham.

Imagine the long-awaited dinner day has arrived; you have the table set, plates arranged, people talking and enjoying themselves, but there's one detail missing—the accompaniments for the ham.



Choosing the drink or bread to accompany the dishes often generates doubts and indecision for all of us. But don't worry, because in this post, you'll discover how to choose the best ham accompaniments to make the flavor of Iberian ham even more special. 

The Best Ham Accompaniments: Pairing

First of all, What does pairing mean? 

Surely you've heard about or know what the term "pairing" or "wine and food pairing" means. Put simply, it means combining a wine with food to enhance its flavor.

It's very important to know the best drink as an accompaniment to Iberian ham because, without a doubt, ham pairing can make our experience truly surprising.

For that reason, first of all, you must be clear about the sensations you want to experience and your intention. That's why you can distinguish two types of pairing:


Contrast Pairing

As the name suggests, contrast pairing involves combining two elements with very different characteristics, almost opposite, that complement each other perfectly. This type of pairing is ideal if your intention is to take more risks, as it will also allow you to achieve more surprising effects

It's important that when seeking contrast, one flavor does not completely overshadow the other and that it helps diners distinguish them in every bite.

Another function of pairing is that after each bite, with a sip, our palate gets cleansed, intending to taste the flavor of each slice as if we were trying it for the first time. With this pairing, taste buds open up much more, allowing you to experience an unparalleled sensation of freshness!

Many experts argue that Iberian ham pairs well with soft whites, fresh ones, and those with a needle, which is why it also pairs very well with cavas because the bubbles manage to cleanse the palate of fat and prepare it for the next bite.

At Enrique Tomás stores, you can find ideal wines to accompany ham, created by expert winemakers. And if you're a beer lover, don't worry because a good cold beer can also achieve this effect.


Complementary Pairing

If your passion is for flavors to meld into one, this pairing will undoubtedly be your favorite. This type seeks to combine similar sensations and aromas to make both merge into a whole. The flavor of the ham doesn't overshadow the taste of the wine, nor vice versa; instead, both merge into a single taste.

To achieve this sensation, the combination of ham with soft red and some white wines is ideal. However, you must be careful, as the intensity of some wines may diminish the nuances of the meat. Few red wines allow us to enjoy them if we combine them with ham; nevertheless, with the pairing of red wine with DO Montsant, no aroma of the ham is lost, and you can fully enjoy both flavors.

In the Enrique Tomás cellar, you'll find other options for white and red wines, as well as high-quality cavas to accompany not only ham but all kinds of foods, meats, fish, various stews, and aged cheeses... to make your meal with family or friends even more appealing!

And if you're bold and like to try new experiences and sensations, at Enrique Tomás, we have a pack that includes both red and white pairings so you can try both sensations and choose which one is ideal for you. Are you up for it?


The Best Ham Accompaniments: Bread

As you know, bread is one of the most essential foods and of course should never be missing from your table. Surprisingly, it's a food that, depending on its variety, can enhance different flavors, textures, and ultimately, the strengths of the ham.

But what is the best bread to accompany the ham

Crystal Bread 

Crystal bread is ideal for lovers of texture contrast. The crunchy texture of its crust and the softness of its crumb create an ideal combination with the ham that will not leave you indifferent.


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Country Wheat Bread 

The standout feature of country wheat bread is its thick and creamy crumb. Thanks to that, it allows the flavor of the ham to be infused, and the aromas blend together, creating a perfect combination.

Country wheat bread - Ham accompaniment

Sevillian Breadsticks from Enrique Tomás

Another ideal accompaniment for ham is Sevillian breadsticks made from bread. These are rustic-style breadsticks, traditionally made with wheat flour, water, yeast, and salt. Made with sourdough. A "must-have" in a meal with tapas and Iberian products.

Sevillian breadsticks

And while you're waiting for all the guests, there's no better option than a vermouth, ideal for accompanying an appetizer before lunch or dinner. And not only that, you can also serve some appetizing Iberian ham cubes to nibble on—we're sure they'll be a hit!

Now that everything is ready, it's time to enjoy the star of the dinner: Iberian ham.

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