cual es la diferencia entre chorizo y longaniza

What is the difference between chorizo ​​and longaniza

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Chorizo and longaniza are products of our gastronomy almost as popular as Iberian ham, and although there are significant similarities between them, they are not the same. If you want to know the difference between chorizo and longaniza, you've come to the right place.

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Difference between Chorizo and Longaniza

The first thing to consider is that both chorizo and longaniza are Spanish sausages made from spiced pork meat. However, there are four notable differences that affect their taste and appearance:

Type of Pork Meat Used

We've mentioned that both chorizo and longaniza are made from pork meat, but chorizo is made from ground meat, while longaniza is made from a mixture of pieces from different parts of the pig.


Both are elongated, but chorizo is thicker. Additionally, chorizo is presented in smaller portions, about twenty centimeters long, while longaniza is usually presented in larger sizes. In some regions of the country, like Aragón, both ends of the longaniza are joined together, which is why it's known as 'vuelta' in that region.

Iberian Chorizo


Another aspect of their presentation to consider is the color of each of the two sausages. To know the difference between chorizo and longaniza and to distinguish them at a glance, you just need to pay attention to this: chorizo has a reddish color, while longaniza has a more burgundy tone. This is due to the spices used in their preparation, with red paprika playing a significant role in chorizo.

Dishes They Are Used In

As we've explained, both chorizo and longaniza are of Spanish origin, but they are not prepared the same way in all regions of the country. For example, Alicante longaniza is quite different from Asturian longaniza, just as Canarian chorizo is distinct from Pamplona chorizo.

In Spain, these ingredients are integrated into various dishes depending on the region, but chorizo is certainly a key component of dishes like lentils with chorizo and Asturian fabada, where longaniza doesn't have a place. On the other hand, longaniza is essential in Alicante, for instance, to make gachamiga, and it's also used to prepare longaniza al vino.

Iberian Salchichón

As you can see, although they have similarities, they are completely different sausages, and everyone has their favorite. Both longaniza and chorizo are perfect to enjoy with some bread and olive oil or to use them in preparations like the ones mentioned earlier or others like Iberian chorizo croquettes.

Choose either one and savor these luxury sausages!

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Javier Ramírez vAzquez

De hecho el chorizo al menos lo que yo recuerdo de mi infancia tiene un sabor más picante y es más aromatico que la longaniza, desgraciadamente aquí en donde yo vivo muy raramente se ve un chorizo que valga la pena

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