como preparar una tabla de embutidos

How to prepare a platter of dry cured meats

One of the most typical starters in our gastronomy is the assorted platter of cured meats, Iberian ham, and cheese. Enjoying these accompanied by bread is undoubtedly a pleasure that will delight everyone. If you want to know how to prepare a platter of cured meats worthy of the most distinguished diners, you've come to the right place because at Enrique Tomás, we love indulging in these products.

And we're going to give you our best tips for preparing the cured meat platter of your dreams!

What a First-Class Cured Meat Platter Must Have

Although when we talk about cured meats, we usually refer to chorizo, loin, and salchichón, any Spanish platter worth its salt also includes cured ham and cheese, two star delicacies of our gastronomy. At Enrique Tomás, as the master ham artisans we are, we know that it's impossible to leave out these delicacies from a good meal, so we're going to include them as well.

So, how do you prepare a top-quality cured meat platter? By including the following products:

  • Iberian Ham: Although the flavor of Gran Reserva ham is delicious, it's nothing compared to Iberian ham, full of aromas, nuances, and juiciness. However, not all Iberian hams are the same. For example, the cebo ham is milder than 100% Iberian ham, and to satisfy the most diners possible, we recommend an intermediate option, Salamanca's Iberian acorn-fed ham if you're looking for a more subtle taste or Huelva's if you prefer one with stronger nuances.

  • Loin: Just like with ham, loin can be classified into four types based on the pig's species and racial purity. This time, we're also going to bet on acorn-fed Iberian loin, and if you want it sliced, you can find it in Enrique Tomás stores as well as online!

  • Salchichón: It's another type of cured sausage, and, like in the previous cases, we recommend choosing one made from pork meat from our peninsula. Our suggestion is the campaign's acorn-fed Iberian salchichón.

  • Chorizo: In the case of chorizo, it's a different story. In our country, there are practically as many types of chorizos as there are autonomous communities. So, depending on where you're from, you'll prefer one over the other. People from Navarra, obviously, prefer the smooth but intense touch of Navarra's chorizo, while those from León lean toward the stronger flavor of their own. There's something for every taste.

  • Cheese: With cheese, it's pretty much the same as with chorizo, and, for example, Manchego cheese is completely different from Asturias' Cabrales cheese. As a recommendation, Enrique Tomás advises you to always include some type of Manchego cheese or aged cheese and combine it with others from Spain. The World Cheese Awards is the international cheese competition, and among its top 100, there's always a place for one from Castilla-La Mancha. In 2017, four Canary Island cheeses received awards, and a cheese from Cáceres in Extremadura was named the Best Cheese in Spain and the sixth in the world. As you can see, they make them like nowhere else!

Enrique Tomás Cured Meat Platter

So, when preparing the perfect cured meat platter, it's advisable to include ham, loin, salchichón, chorizo, and cheese, but there's something equally indispensable that you can't forget—bread! Now that you've selected the products, how do you prepare the perfect cured meat platter? Let's see.

How to Serve Cured Meats to Appreciate Their Full Flavor

Here are three tips for preparing the cured meat platter of the experts:

  1. Serve the ham and cheese on one side and the cured meats on the other to avoid everything being piled up on a single plate. It's important to prevent some products from coming into contact with others to protect the flavor of each and every one of them.

  2. Take all the products out of the fridge about ten minutes before serving them to the table so that they are at room temperature and their nuances can be appreciated.

  3. Serve all the products in portions you consider appropriate, and if you see that you want more, then you can take out the whole pieces to enjoy them, allowing each person to take the amount they desire.

Finally, at Enrique Tomás, we try to make your job easier. So, if you're looking for a top-quality basic cured meat platter, we have one for you. Our recommended PREMIUM Iberian products box includes four packs of 80 grams of ham, chorizo, loin, and salchichón that we will select and arrange as appropriate. You're going to love it! With that said, what are you waiting for?

Become the best host and present a professional cured meat platter with the finest Iberian flavors:

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