Gazpacho de melón con jamón

Melon gazpacho with Jamón

Have you ever prepared melon gazpacho? Our suggestion is to make it with cantaloupe melon and add a slice of jamón. Delicious!

Gazpacho de melón con jamón



TOTAL TIME: 15 min
  • 1 Cantaloup Melon
  • Cucumber
  • Red Onion
  • 2 Slices of Jamón Ibérico Enrique Tomás


1. Cut the melon into medium pieces and add it to the blender.

Cut the cucumber into small pieces and add to the mixture.

Finally, chop the red onion and add it.

Blend the whole mixture until its texture is liquid and it's ready!

We love to top the recipe with a slice of jamón ibérico on top. This way we get that sweet and salty contrast that we like so much.

If you prefer the gazpacho a little thicker, add some pieces of bread to the mix in the blender.

Gazpacho de melón con jamón

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