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The ham shaving: a delicious format

The ham shaving is still chopped ham, however many people are unaware of the virtues of this delicacy and it is that in reality you will find more flavor in the shaving than in a slice .

In this post we tell you what it is due to and how to enjoy eating it to the fullest.

What is meant by ham shavings?

We call shavings the thin sheet obtained with professional cutting tools, which is extracted from one of the areas of the ham leg where slices can no longer be removed.

This area corresponds to the part closest to the bone, which we call "the peel of the ham" and makes this product have a very tasty and intense flavor.

Why does the chip have a more intense flavor?

It's very simple, the flavor that drives us crazy about ham is largely due to bacon. This is the main carrier of all the aromas that we look for in the ham flavor, because the Iberian breed allows a better infiltration of the aromas of the acorns in the marbling of the ham. In the chip, this tasty bacon is more in contact with the meat of the ham and this mixture is the key to the flavor.

Another reason why ham shavings taste more like ham is that on many occasions the shaving is made with the repel of the ham , that is, with the meat of the ham that is in contact with the bone and therefore cannot be removed. take a slice out of it. It is known, and if not, we tell you, that the meat that is in contact with the bone is always tastier , so... the chips are left with more flavor.

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Why buy ham shavings?

Ham shavings are virtuous for their ease of use in the kitchen . When preparing recipes with ham, this cut becomes an ally since it can be used as an extra, striking and original ingredient. Without going any further, the classic ham sandwich can become a novelty if we prepare it with shavings of ham. In Enrique Tomás stores, one of the star products is the famous piccolo de shavings , which is ideal for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

Due to the versatility of its shape, ham shavings are ideal for preparing an infinite number of dishes. They are comfortable, practical and will help you add a touch of Iberian flavor to your daily meals. It is also a product widely used in haute cuisine due to its ability to provide an intense and special flavor to dishes. Next, we give you several ideas to enjoy the flavor of the Iberian shavings in essence.


What is the difference between the ham shavings and the ham cubes?

Another of the keys to getting to know this format in depth is the difference between cubed ham and ham shavings. While the cubes come from the part closest to the bone, the knuckle and the shank of the ham, the shavings are finer, and although they also come from this part, they are more irregular in shape and smaller in size.

In addition to the meat of the ham itself, they can contain bacon that gives them an extra flavor and a much more mellow texture.


ham chip

How to extract the shavings from the ham?

As we have said, the shavings are not the disposable remains of the ham, quite the contrary, it is that meat that is very attached to the bone, or in an area that is difficult to access with the cutting knife. It can only be extracted with a boning knife, so if you have the leg of Iberian ham at home, with your tools you will not be able to obtain this product.

At Enrique Tomás we have the ability to extract it so that you can buy it and taste it at home in the way you like best. Choose between the shavings of the gran reserva, the Iberian bait ham, the Iberian bait field ham and the acorn-fed Iberian ham. You can find them in sachets of 100 gr and 400 gr. Click on our online store to buy them.

And if you are already an expert ham maker and prefer to cut them yourself at home, we recommend doing so with the help of a good boning knife. You can get shavings from any ham leg or shoulder if you bone it correctly.

Iberian acorn-fed ham shavings

The sum of the shavings are those obtained from 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham, known as “pata negra” . When we talk about Iberian ham, this sensation of pleasure on the palate increases because it comes from the Iberian pig, a wonderful animal whose main characteristic is its power to infiltrate fat into the muscle, among many others.

That makes the flavor of this type of ham shavings heavenly and very intense, in a sandwich or to accompany any dish that you want to highlight in flavor, it is perfect.



Where to buy ham shavings?

You can do it comfortably and safely - wherever you live - through our online store . You will find the shavings vacuum-packed in sizes from 100 grams to 400 and you can choose between the different qualities of ham, although you already know which Iberian hams have the most intense and exquisite flavor. Choose the type of ham that convinces you the most and all you have to do is… open and enjoy!

In addition, if you buy the whole leg of ham and ask us to cut it for you, our cutting service will always guarantee the maximum performance of the piece, so the pack always includes vacuum-sealed sachets with shavings so that you can enjoy them as much as possible. you like it And in the Enrique Tomás savings packs you will also find this format ready to taste.

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