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What is ham shavings?

There is a tendency to think of ham shavings as a byproduct of ham, without considering that they are one of the most unique products obtained from it. If you want to buy Iberian ham shavings, we'll tell you all about them - what they are, why buy them, and how to enjoy them - to fulfill our real objective: to make you enjoy eating ham.

Discover what ham shavings are and everything you can do with them on your table!

Where Ham Shavings Come From and Why They Have a More Intense Flavor

A shaving refers to a thin slice that is obtained using tools for woodworking or metals because it is extracted from an area of the ham leg where slices can no longer be cut. This area corresponds to the part closest to the bone, which we call "el repelo del jamón", and it gives this product a very tasty and intense flavor.

The irresistible flavor of ham is largely owed to the fat, the main carrier of all the aromas we seek in the taste of ham. When we talk about Iberian ham, this pleasurable sensation on the palate increases because it comes from the Iberian pig, a wonderful animal whose main characteristic is its ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle. When an Iberian pig is fed, for example, acorns, the infiltration of acorn aromas into the marbling of the ham becomes even more powerful. Shavings contain a bit more fat than a slice, which is why the aromas multiply and the texture becomes more pleasant, standing out for its delicacy and smoothness.

Another reason why ham shavings have a more intense flavor is that they are made from the part of the ham in contact with the bone, known as "el repelo del jamón." This is a region where slicing is impossible, and yet some mistake it for leftovers, which is a big mistake. At Enrique Tomás, as ham experts, we can confidently confirm that the meat in contact with the bone is always more flavorful. So... ham shavings always have much more flavor.


viruta de jamon iberico

What Can I Do with Ham Shavings?

Due to their versatile shape, ham shavings are ideal for preparing a multitude of dishes. They are convenient, practical, and will help you add a touch of Iberian flavor to your everyday meals. They are also widely used in haute cuisine for their ability to impart intense and unique flavor to dishes. Here are several ideas to enjoy the essence of Iberian shavings.


The ham shaving sandwich is a guaranteed success. The texture of the shaving makes the sandwich much easier to chew, making it a good option for kids, who might find slicing more challenging. Also, consider that the flavor of the shaving is more intense and flavorful, making the sandwich a very appetizing snack at any time of the day.

So, one of the most successful formats for enjoying Iberian ham shavings is the sandwich. In Enrique Tomás stores worldwide, you'll find our star product: the flautín de virutas ibéricas.

Flautín de virutas de jamón


Another very interesting option is to use them as an ingredient in salads to add an original flavor twist. They are definitely the ideal complement to liven up salads. They can be included in all kinds of fresh salads and pair perfectly with ingredients like lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes, etc.


Cold Soups or Creams

To add a gourmet touch to traditional dishes like delicious salmorejo, nothing beats Iberian ham shavings. This salty touch with an intense ham flavor will make classic summer dishes, including cold melon soup, have an extra element that will make them elegant and irresistible.

But it's not only in summer soups that it works as a seasoning, you can also include them in winter vegetable creams to add flavor contrast. One of the most successful combinations is pumpkin cream with Iberian ham shavings.

crema de champinones con jamon
dieta depurativa


As Tapas or Snacks

Without a doubt, shavings can be great allies in "snacking" moments as appetizers. They can be served with toast, alongside a typical Spanish product like omelet or patatas bravas, or simply enjoyed on their own. Success guaranteed! In all Enrique Tomás stores, you can find cones of ham shavings perfect for sharing with some beers in good company. It's also an ideal format to take with you while strolling through the city or to enjoy at the movies with popcorn!



Where to Buy Iberian Ham Shavings?

You can easily and safely buy them - no matter where you live - through our online store. You'll find vacuum-sealed packs of shavings in sizes ranging from 100 grams to 400 grams, and you can choose from different qualities of ham. But remember, Iberian shavings have the most intense and exquisite flavor. Choose the type of ham that suits you best, and all that's left to do is... open and enjoy!

Furthermore, if you buy a whole ham leg and ask us to carve it, our carving service will always ensure maximum efficiency of the piece. That's why the pack always includes vacuum-sealed shavings for you to enjoy as you like.

And in the Enrique Tomás savings packs, you'll also find this format ready to savor.


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