Taquitos de jamón

What to do with Jamón cubes?

Ham cubes are an exquisite product that can be enjoyed in many ways. When we have a whole ham that we have made the most of and there's no more material left to slice, one of the best options is to extract the ham cubes.

At Enrique Tomás, we love them, and in this post, we will show you how to use them to surprise everyone at home with easy and highly original recipes.

What are ham cubes

Ham cubes are obtained from the meat closest to the bone, specifically from the knuckle and the shank area. In these areas, when slices can no longer be obtained, the entire ham is extracted and cut into cubes that can vary in size according to the consumer's preference.

This cut of ham is called "repelo," but it should not be confused with scraps because, in fact, this meat that is so close to the bone has a more intense flavor and a unique texture that make it the tastiest part of the ham.

In short, ham cubes release a unique, intense, and penetrating flavor that is completely different from the rest of the piece.

How to enjoy ham cubes

Ham cubes are ideal for snacking as an appetizer, as an addition to a starter, or as an excellent accompaniment for sautés, vegetable purées, pasta dishes, fillings, and even legume stews. They provide an extraordinary flavor to any preparation. Include this typical ingredient from our gastronomy in your recipes to add a touch of originality and flavor.

At Enrique Tomás, we offer them in all our physical stores, and they're addictive! The cone of ham cubes is one of our favorite formats. Customers love it! A delicious option to take with you and enjoy while taking a stroll through the city.

Enrique Tomás Iberian Ham Cubes

What's the difference between ham cubes and shavings?

Another key to deeply understanding this format is knowing the difference between ham shavings and ham cubes. Although they come from the same area, that closest to the bone, like the knuckle and shank, the way they are extracted and cut is different.

Shavings are thinner, have a more irregular shape, and are smaller in size, while the cube is thicker and tends to be harder. Additionally, shavings may contain more fat or bacon, which gives them a more tender texture.

What to Do with Ham Cubes - Enrique Tomás Blog

Enrique Tomás Iberian Ham Cubes and Shavings

Recipes with ham cubes

As you know, ham cubes are a perfect companion for traditional dishes that may seem simple, such as sautés, vegetable purées, or pasta dishes.

The flavor and intensity that this cut of ham brings are incomparable. To let you experience it at home, here are 5 ideas that will leave everyone amazed:



Pizza is a dish that almost everyone loves, and when combined with ham, the result can be exquisite. Our recommendation is to add a few ham cubes to a simple pizza with mozzarella and mushrooms a few minutes before it's ready to come out of the oven and enjoy!


Any type of omelette will taste amazing with an extra addition of ham cubes. The classic potato omelette can become everyone's desire at home if you add a few Gran Reserva ham cubes. If you have higher quality ham cubes, like Iberian ham, our recommendation is to make the omelette traditionally and place a good portion of cubes in the middle when serving.

As we've mentioned, they're not only an ideal companion for omelettes but also work as an excellent appetizer paired with cheese cubes or as an addition to any "tapas" dinner.



Ham cubes will transform a boring salad into an unprecedented gourmet dish. Try preparing a base of greens like lettuce or arugula with goat cheese and ham cubes, drizzled with a sweet dressing. It will be delicious!

You can also opt for a pasta-based salad that will provide energy and plenty of nutrients. You can add ham cubes and any vegetables that you like and that combine perfectly. Check out our recipes:

  • Red Lentil Pasta with Sautéed Peppers and Ham.

Red Lentil Pasta Recipe

Highlighted Red Lentil Pasta Recipe


Baked Eggs

And of course, when it comes to enjoying eggs and ham, there are many ways to do it. A poached egg with ham cubes or a plate of scrambled eggs with potatoes and Iberian ham cubes... the combinations are endless!

Scrambled Eggs with Ham on Bread

Innovative Recipes like Iberian Ham Tartare

One of the latest gastronomic trends is tartare. We can use the term "tartare" for any dish, whether it's meat or fish, served raw and finely or cubed. It's usually accompanied by a yolk (in the case of steak tartare) or a variety of condiments, such as cucumber, capers, onion, and mustard.

In this case, Enrique Tomás is going to give you a different, innovative, and original idea. Have you ever tried Iberian ham tartare? If you want to cook something different and surprise your guests, this fresh recipe is perfect. Check out the step-by-step recipe on our blog.


Iberian Ham Tartare Ingredients Iberian Ham Tartare Ingredients

Iberian Ham Tartare
Iberian Ham Tartare


Where to Buy Enrique Tomás Ham Cubes

You can get your favorite ham in cube format at Enrique Tomás stores, available in 80 and 100-gram packages, perfect for snacking or using as ingredients for your best dishes. You can also find the same packages in our online store, so you can conveniently order and receive them at home quickly.

Also, remember that with our "No Te Cortes" service, we ensure maximum yield from your ham or shoulder, as in addition to sliced ham, the package includes cubes and shavings full of flavor for you to enjoy as you like.

  • Original Ham Recipes

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