Qué hacer con el jamón duro Enrique Tomás

What to do with hard ham

Delicious Recipes to Make the Most of Hard Ham

Sometimes it happens that we don't have enough time to finish the ham or shoulder before it dries out. This could be due to having fewer people at home or facing unexpected events that kept us away and prevented us from enjoying the ham within the recommended time. At Enrique Tomás, as ham experts, we're here to show you what to do with hard ham. Throwing it away is not an option!

Keep in mind that when you can't slice it into thin slices anymore but there's still ham surface to use, you're in the same situation as before. The first thing to know is that with the part that becomes harder, you can make the famous ham cubes, an exquisite product that can be enjoyed in many ways.


What are ham cubes?

Ham cubes are obtained from the tougher meat of the ham, which is usually closer to the bone, specifically from the hock and shin area. In these areas, when you can no longer get slices, the entire ham is removed and cut into cubes of various sizes to suit the consumer. This cut ham is called "repelo," but it should not be confused with leftovers. In fact, this meat that is so close to the bone has a more intense flavor and a unique texture that makes it the most flavorful part of the ham. Therefore, if your ham has dried out too much, the solution is to extract the drier and harder part in the form of cubes.

If you want to learn more about this format, check out our post: What to Do with Ham Cubes.



Here are 10 Recipes to Make the Most of Hard Ham

Ham cubes are ideal for snacking during an aperitif, as an addition to an appetizer, or an excellent accompaniment to stir-fries, vegetable purees, pasta dishes, fillings, and even legume stews. They add an extraordinary flavor to any preparation.

Check out these 10 simple and everyday recipes where you can include them and ensure your success!


Scrambled Eggs with Ham

This recipe is very easy and you'll only need hard ham cut into cubes, four eggs, and two potatoes. With these ingredients, you'll create a perfect dish for two people. Start by peeling and slicing the potatoes, put some oil in a pan, and fry them. While you wait for them to turn golden brown, prepare fried eggs and cut the ham into cubes. Once the potatoes are done, remove them, place them on a paper towel to remove excess oil, and then transfer them to a plate. Place the eggs and ham cubes on top of them, add a little salt, and you're ready to go!

And even simpler... You can also make scrambled eggs with ham cubes. You'll have them ready in 2 minutes, and they will be absolutely delicious!


Artichokes with Ham

This dish is just as simple as the previous one. You only need ham, a lemon, and eight artichokes to make a perfect appetizer for two! Start by washing and peeling the artichokes. As you finish, place them in a bowl with water and lemon to prevent them from oxidizing. Once they're all done, dry them one by one and sauté them in a pan with a little oil. Wait until they're golden, and in the meantime, cut the ham.

Add it to the pan, give it a couple of turns along with the artichokes, and you're done. Serve them on a plate with a drizzle of olive oil and coarse salt, and enjoy!


Artichokes with HamArtichokes with Ham


Spinach with Ham and Raisins

To make this dish, you'll need to follow the same step-by-step process as with the artichokes: wash the spinach, sauté them with oil and raisins, and finally add the ham. After a couple of minutes, your dish will be ready! You can even shape it into a "timbale" if you have a round mold.



with Ham and Cooking Cream

Making this dish is as easy as preparing a classic carbonara, but instead of bacon, we recommend using the ham that you haven't eaten yet. Your dish will be just as delicious! However, before you start cooking, remember that the ham is already salty, so don't add too much salt to the sauce to ensure a tasty result. Enjoy!



Salad with Ham, Parmesan, Figs, and Vinaigrette

To make this appetizer, you only need lettuce, a bit of Parmesan cheese, walnuts, figs cut into quarters, vinaigrette, and ham. Combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl and mix them. Then add the vinaigrette, and voilà! Your first course is ready! A good option is to make it using ham cubes or slices.

  • Check out our recipe: Fruit and Iberian Ham Salad.


Ham Meatballs

Meatballs are a delicious dish often prepared during the winter. Their sauce, made with carrots, onions, and a bit of tomato, soaked in bread, is exquisite. But here's a secret: add the hard Iberian ham cut into cubes to the sauté, and you'll see.


Lentils with Ham

Lentils are a common stew throughout Spain. Some prepare them with just carrots and potatoes, others add chorizo, and some do what we do—add a bit of ham bone! Thanks to this and some Iberian ham cubes, your dish will be exquisite!

Ham and Leek Quiche

Quiche is a French dish that's becoming increasingly popular. It's made with a pastry crust and filled with eggs, cream, onions, and ingredients of your choice. The most common quiche is made with cheese or ham and cheese, but want something more original?

Try making it with the ham you haven't eaten yet and a couple of leeks sautéed with onions! You'll be amazed!


Ham Risotto

It's the same with risotto as with quiche—it's an Italian dish that's becoming more and more common on tables throughout our country. The traditional version is made with Parmesan cheese and onions, but try making it with the best Iberian ham as shown in this recipe, and you'll see! Its flavor won't leave anyone indifferent.


Ham Croquettes

And to wrap up our top 10 recipes using the hard ham you haven't eaten, ham croquettes! They're one of the most popular tapas in our cuisine, and at Enrique Tomás, we always recommend following our step-by-step guide. Once you take the first bite, you'll see!


Creamy Iberian Ham Croquettes


In conclusion, making the most of hard ham is quite easy. Choose one of our ideas and don't hesitate to start cooking. The results will surely surprise you!

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