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Recipes with ham shavings

In this post, we're going to give you some ideas for recipes with ham shavings. As you may know, ham shavings are virtuous for their ease of use in the kitchen. When preparing recipes with ham, this cut becomes an ally as it can be used as an extra, eye-catching, and original ingredient. Shavings are convenient, practical for cooking, and will help you add a touch of Iberian flavor to your everyday meals.

It's also worth highlighting that it's a product widely used in haute cuisine for its ability to bring intense and special flavor to dishes. For more details about this format, we recommend our posts on: "What is ham shavings?" or "Ham shavings: a delicious format."

Now, here we go! We'll tell you about the most delicious dishes with ham shavings, from traditional ones to the most original and daring recipes.


Traditional Recipes with Ham Shavings

Pumpkin Cream Soup with Ham Shavings

As you know, adding ham shavings on top can provide the final and authentic touch to any cream soup. Suddenly, the dish will gain contrast, intensity of flavors, and most importantly, joy. In this case, we highlight pumpkin cream soup as one of the sweetest soups due to this key autumnal ingredient, so crucial in Mediterranean cuisine and inspiring for countless recipes.

Preparing this soup is quite simple: peel and slice the carrot and leek, peel and cut the potato into small pieces for stewing. Once the vegetables are ready, put them in a pot: the pumpkin, carrots, leek, and potato. Add salt to taste. Cover the pot and let it simmer for 25 minutes over medium heat until the vegetables are tender. Remove from heat and blend it well until you get a smooth and fine cream. Sprinkle the Iberian ham shavings on top. And enjoy!



Iberian Ham Risotto

One of the most emblematic dishes of Italian cuisine, along with pasta and pizza, is risotto. Although the cooking method is quite similar, the difference lies in the ingredients.

The most popular ones? Cheese risotto, mushroom risotto, Milanese risotto, seafood risotto, and of course, Iberian ham risotto that you can make using magnificent ham shavings. It will taste like a restaurant dish! Do you want to surprise your guests with an easy-to-make Iberian ham risotto?

  • We'll show you how to make it: Iberian Ham Risotto.



Pumpkin, Ham, and Cheese Lasagna

If you're an unconditional lasagna fan, we propose a healthier and original alternative where you can include ham shavings and give a modern twist to the classic Italian meat lasagna recipe.

The pumpkin is responsible for lightening the dish, making it healthier by replacing one of the main ingredients, which is pasta. We've also decided to replace minced meat with cured meat by adding Enrique Tomás Gran Reserva ham shavings to the recipe. We choose it for being a selected serrano ham of extraordinary quality, with a taste very similar to Iberian ham. This product will provide a contrast of flavors between sweet and salty, along with the pumpkin, adding intensity to the recipe. To bring everything together, we choose light cream cheese and a sprinkle of grated mixed semi-cured cheese on top, which fits perfectly.

Everything is ready to start preparing your recipe! Find out how to make it step by step: Pumpkin, Ham, and Cheese Lasagna.


Pumpkin, Ham, and Cheese Lasagna
Pumpkin, Ham, and Cheese Lasagna


Original Recipes with Ham Shavings

Tomato Carpaccio with Feta Cheese and Iberian Ham Shavings

Carpaccio is an Italian dish that is becoming increasingly common in Spanish cuisine. There are all kinds of carpaccios for every taste: beef, cod, shrimp, tuna, and more. And when seasoned with olive oil, one of the most distinctive products of Mediterranean cuisine, they become exquisite. Moreover, it's a light dish that works perfectly as an appetizer for lunch or dinner.

In this case, we're combining three ingredients that will result in an exquisite dish. The base is tomato, a protagonist in Mediterranean diet and a very healthy and refreshing product, ideal for including in countless recipes. The key is to slice it very thinly. On the other hand, we'll choose feta cheese, the quintessential Greek cheese, low in calories and very tasty. Its tender texture will be pleasant alongside the ham shavings on top of the tomato. Finally, these shavings will be like "the icing on the cake," providing the dish with an explosion of intense and delightful flavor.

  • We encourage you to prepare this Tomato, Iberian Ham, and Feta Cheese Carpaccio as an appetizer. Go for it!


Step-by-Step Preparation of Carpaccio


Emmental Cheese Soufflé with Iberian Ham

This recipe is a delightful option for a special dinner just for yourself or to share with someone. It's easy, yet original and full of flavor, thanks to Iberian ham shavings. Find out how to prepare it step by step on our recipe blog: Emmental Cheese Soufflé with Iberian Ham Recipe.


Soufflé recipe

Quail Egg, Foie Gras, and Iberian Ham Shavings Montadito

Great results don't only come from elaborate dishes. In this case, we suggest a "montadito," an ideal appetizer or part of a casual dinner with friends.

Preparing it is really simple; in this case, the key lies in the quality of the ingredients. That's why we suggest choosing artisan and gourmet bread, quail eggs, high-quality foie gras, and Iberian ham shavings. Fry the quail egg in a hot pan with oil and drain it. Then, toast the bread, place a piece of foie gras on top, and the bread's heat will warm it up. Add the quail egg and some ham shavings on top, and it's ready to enjoy.

We hope these ideas for recipes with ham shavings allow you to savor their essence and use them to surprise family, friends, or acquaintances at any shared dinner or meal.

At Enrique Tomás, we love fulfilling our top priority: Making customers enjoy their food!

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