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Where to buy Iberian ham in Madrid

Iberian ham is one of the most delicious, irresistible, and famous Spanish treats in the world, and as such, it couldn't be missing from the Spanish plateau. If you've ever been to Madrid or live there, you'll know that, after their all-powerful calamari sandwich with aioli, the Iberian ham sandwich is the most sought after.

But, where to buy Iberian ham in Madrid to make a sandwich? Or, better yet, where to buy the best Iberian ham sandwich in Madrid?

At Enrique Tomás, we're going to explain it to you!


Buying Iberian Ham in Madrid at Enrique Tomás Stores

If we are the world's first ham store chain, it's because we only offer quality Iberian ham. Our master artisans take care of and supervise the curing process of each and every one of our pieces. Thanks to this, we have been able to grow and reach almost every corner of Spain.

The city with the most Enrique Tomás stores is Barcelona since our store chain was born there. However, Madrid takes the lead with a total of ten establishments spread throughout the capital.

In each of our ham shops, you'll be able to buy the best Iberian ham, whether it's Iberian ham from grain-fed pigs or Iberian acorn-fed ham, in the four emblematic flavors of Enrique Tomás according to its origin and quality: mild, aromatic, tasty, and intense. Moreover, you'll find it in all formats: whole, sliced, diced, or in shavings, and we have both hams and shoulders. As you can see, whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here!

So, where to buy Iberian ham in Madrid? Well, in any of our stores!


Buying Ham in Madrid

The stores we have in Madrid are located in:

  1. Carretas Street, 21, (28012) Madrid.
    This store is just five minutes away from Puerta del Sol, where the famous Puerta del Sol and El Oso y el Madroño are located. These are two of the most iconic places in the capital, so if you're sightseeing in the area, you know where to eat!

  2. Madrid - Barajas Airport, T4 ORIGINS.
    Av. de la Hispanidad s/n

  3. Madrid - Barajas Airport, T4 FOODIES.
    Av. de la Hispanidad s/n, BOARDING AREA SOUTH PIER.

  4. Madrid - Barajas Airport, FOODIES T4 LAND.
    Av. de la Hispanidad, s/n, T4, floor 2, public area.

  5. Madrid - Barajas Airport, T4S
    Av. de la Hispanidad s/n. Departures, Floor 1, Air area, Boarding area S.

  6. Madrid - T4 LAND, FLOOR 2.
    Av. de la Hispanidad, s/n. Public area.

  7. Madrid - T4, FLOOR 1, Departure lounge, Gates J.
    Local T401DE21, Av. de la Hispanidad, s/n.

  8. Madrid - T4 EXPRESSCO
    Av. de la Hispanidad, s/n, T4, floor 1, departure lounge, Gates J, local T401DE21

  9. Madrid - T4 FOODTRUCK
    Av. De la Hispanidad, s/n, Terminal T4, Schengen Boarding, Floor P0, Terrace, Air Side.

  10. Madrid - T2 MADRID exterior
    Av. De la Hispanidad, s/n, Terminal T2, Departures, Exterior, Floor 2, Land Side (Local 52110).

  11. Atocha PLAZA SSP
    Atocha Station - Plaza, C/ Méndez Álvaro, 1.

  12. Atocha KIOSKO
    Atocha Station, Glorieta Emperador Carlos V, s/n
    AVE arrivals area, 1st floor (Local 18615).

  13. Atocha EXPRESSCO
    Atocha Station, Glorieta Emperador Carlos V, s/n, AVE arrivals area, 1st floor (Local 13791) 

  14. Atocha ENRIQUE TOMAS
    Atocha Station, Glorieta Emperador Carlos V, s/n, AVE arrivals area, 1st floor (Local 18616)

  15. Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium
    Av. de Luis Aragonés, 4

Our store at Madrid Barajas Airport, Terminal T4S


Iberian Ham Sandwich in Madrid to Take Away

In addition to our ham slicing service, we also have a dining area where we prepare food to take away, made with the best raw materials. In each of our stores, you'll be able to buy various products designed for eating on the go or while sitting in a park. For example, in addition to the traditional Iberian ham sandwich with or without tomato, you can enjoy freshly cut pieces and shavings placed in cones that allow you to eat them immediately.

You can devour them while taking a stroll around the city!

Keep in mind that in our stores, we not only sell ham but also offer high-quality cold cuts and cheeses. So, if you'd like a chorizo, salchichón, or lomo sandwich to go instead of a ham sandwich, there's no problem. And if you want to combine several products into one, we'll do it for you.

Often, when we crave a sandwich, we go to a fast-food chain and, after eagerly waiting for our order and taking the first bite, we end up disappointed because reality isn't as we expected. This won't happen when you buy from Enrique Tomás!

As we've explained before, we are true ham lovers, and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do!

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