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Does Iberian ham have uric acid?

Those who suffer from gout often wonder if Iberian ham contains uric acid because, as is normal, no one wants to give up the taste of this delicacy. The first thing to know is that the MODERATE consumption of Iberian ham is beneficial for health, regardless of whether you have conditions like gout or cholesterol.

And at Enrique Tomás, we're going to explain why in detail!


Can I Eat Iberian Ham If I Have Gout?

Over time, many people have asked this question, and recent studies have shown that consuming acorn-fed Iberian ham helps reduce cholesterol and does not affect uric acid levels. This organic compound is virtually absent in ham because pork meat has the lowest purine base content.

Purine is an organic compound that, when metabolized inside cells, produces uric acid. Since ham contains almost none of it, you can enjoy it without worries, whether you have gout or not. Gout is a condition that manifests when unhealthy habits are followed, such as excessive consumption of red meats or alcohol. It can also occur with obesity. However, this has nothing to do with ham because, as we've explained, the culprit is not found in the cured meat.

As we mentioned in the introduction, consuming ham in moderation is even recommended because Iberian hams contain what are known as good fats and are rich in oleic acid.

This nutrient is important for our diet, which is why at Enrique Tomás, we recommend that you eat some cold cuts or ham every week. If you really enjoy it, you can even have a bite a day! Consuming about 40 grams a day will help you take care of your health, and it's also a small indulgence!

ham and uric acid sandwich

Ham sandwich from Enrique Tomás

But, What Should I Avoid Eating If I Have Gout?

If you suffer from this condition, it's advisable to avoid certain foods and bad habits.

Some of the ingredients you should exclude from your diet include:

  • Red meats: steer clear of beef, veal, or quail meat, among others. You can substitute them with chicken, turkey, or rabbit meat.
  • Fatty fish: avoid salmon, tuna, bonito, or sardines. Instead, opt for fish like hake.
  • Stay away from industrial pastries and anything that contains butter. Chocolate and its derivatives are also not advisable.
  • There are some vegetables you'll need to give up: spinach, mushrooms, champignons, cauliflower... Fruits with high sugar content are also not good.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption as well.


Now that you know all this, avoid it! Does Iberian ham contain uric acid? NO! So, since we've already explained the foods you can substitute for the ones mentioned, and ham is allowed in your diet.

Don't think twice and take care of your health by following our advice!

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