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Pairing- Red wine Enrique Tomás

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A wine created by expert oenologists at the request of Enrique Tomás to be ideal for those who do not want to give up pairing wine with red wine without losing any aroma of ham and at the same time enjoying a good red wine to combine also with cheeses, meats and cured-meats

Store in a cool place. It is recommended to serve between 14º - 16ºC

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Pack Maridaje tinto Enrique Tomás Vinos 24.00


Red Wine Pairing -Enrique Tomás

We finally did it, as they say, who goes on, gets it! Now we have found the best pairing for ham and red wine. Experts agree that the best pairing for ham is white wine or cava, but there are always the unconditional fans of red wine to accompany ham. And it is not easy, you can have the best ham and a great red wine, but when you combine them both they kill each other in a duel without truce. Separately, yes, but not in combination. There are few reds that let us enjoy them when combined with ham, and they also invade the aromas of the latter without letting us savor its texture and aroma. With this pairing of red with DO. Conca de Barberà we have achieved the pairing of a red wine with ham, because they match perfectly. You will see...

The two vines from which this red wine comes from are within the DO Conca de Barberà.

They are 60% black Grenache and 40% Trepat. They are made separately, with alcoholic fermentation in concrete tanks at a controlled temperature between 24 and 26 ºC. Subsequently, the wine is transferred to wooden tanks of 2000 liters capacity where the second fermentation, the malolactic fermentation, takes place. After a period of 4 months of aging, the blending is carried out with each of the varieties, choosing the correct proportion of both with the aim of achieving a wine in which the qualities of each variety stand out in a perfect marriage.


  • Red wine


D.O. Conca de Barberà.


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