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Roda I Wine 2018

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Discover the essence of La Rioja with the Roda I Reserva 2018. This wine captivates with its aromas of ripe fruit and hints of spice from its careful aging in oak barrels. Soft tannins and a balanced structure provide a pleasant mouthfeel. With a lingering finish, it is the ideal companion for roasted meats and intense dishes. Enjoy the magic of Rioja's winemaking tradition in every glass.

Store in a cool place. It is recommended to serve between 14º and 16ºC


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Roda  I - Reserva 2018 Vinos 56.00


Roda I Wine - Reserve 2018

The Roda I Reserva 2018 wine is a magnificent exponent of the wine tradition of La Rioja, Spain. Carefully made in the renowned Roda winery, this wine shows a unique personality that combines elegance and depth.

It presents a captivating aromatic palette of ripe fruits, such as cherries and plums, enriched with subtle spicy notes and hints of vanilla from its aging in oak barrels. Its balanced structure, soft tannins and refreshing acidity make this reserva a versatile choice both to enjoy in its youth and to allow it to evolve in the bottle. With a long and persistent finish on the palate, Roda I Reserva 2018 is a perfect companion for dishes of roast meats, game and cured cheeses.

Experience the essence of La Rioja in every sip with this wine that reflects the passion and excellence of the Roda winery.


  • Red wine


D.O. La Rioja


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