¡Celebremos esta Navidad con un toque especial de sabor a jamón!

Let's celebrate this Christmas with a special touch of ham flavor! 🎄🍖

Christmas is a time of year when families and friends come together to share special moments around a festive table. In the family environment, one of the undisputed protagonists of these celebrations is Iberian ham. This exquisite delicacy becomes the center of attention on many Christmas tables, adding a touch of tradition and exquisiteness to the celebrations.

Iberian ham, with its unique flavor and juicy texture, has become a symbol of Spanish haute cuisine. During the Christmas holidays, this delicacy is presented as a culinary gift that adds a touch of class to the celebrations. Its presence on the table is not only a gastronomic choice, but also reflects the desire to share special moments with loved ones.

In this post, we present you a delicious variety of options that will make your gifts a unique and tasty experience. Discover the wonders of Jamón (back leg) and Paleta (front leg) hampers, vacuum sliced jamón packs, original packs, cutting accessories, wines and cavas, among many other options that your family, friends and/or employees will love.

1. Selection of hampers with Jamón and Paleta

Imagine surprising your loved ones with an exquisite hamper full of the best jamón and paleta selections. From the most tender textures to the most intense flavors, these hampers are the perfect gift for lovers of good food.


2. Sliced ​​packs

If you are looking for convenience without sacrificing quality, our slicing packs are ideal. Iberian or serrano ham (Jamón serrano o jamón ibérico), cut and ready to enjoy at any time. A practical option for those who want to taste the authentic flavor of jamón without complications.

3. Original hampers

Give a touch of creativity to your gifts with our original baskets. Combine jamón with other delicious gourmet products such as select cheeses, extra virgin olive oils, or even chocolates with touches of salt and pepper. A complete gastronomic experience.

4. Cutting accessories

For true jamón fans, we offer a selection of high-quality cutting accessories. From specialized knives to jamón boards, these elements ensure that each slice is a culinary masterpiece.

5. Wines and cavas

Accompany the jamón feast with the best wines and cavas. From robust reds to bubbly cavas, you'll find the perfect combination to enhance the flavors of every bite of Jamón.

6. Wide range of possibilities and prices

We know that each budget is unique, that is why we offer a wide range of possibilities and prices. From more affordable options to luxurious selections, there is something for every taste and budget.

7. Gifts for everyone

Whether for family, friends or corporate gifts, our gift options are versatile and customizable. Celebrate Christmas by sharing special moments around a table full of flavor.

This season, make your gifts stand out with authentic jamón flavor. Here's to a Christmas full of delights and good times! 🎁🍾 Happy holidays!

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