Jamón Glamuros 100% Ibérico de Bellota - Enrique Tomás

200 unique hams are chosen to be "Glamurós"

For seven years, every aspect influencing these pieces has been meticulously cared for. The selection of the finest 100% pure Iberian pigs, rigorous attention to their diet, free-range growth in the meadows of Cordoba, and the artisanal care during the 36 months of curing have resulted in these 200 exclusive pieces.

Enrique Tomás, in its pursuit of excellence, has been involved in this process from the beginning, advised by the foremost specialists in the world of ham. Tomás Diaz, a recognized expert in the industry and a trusted individual by Enrique Tomás, initiated the selection of the finest specimens 7 years ago in collaboration with COVAP.

Seven years ago, at the beginning of the curing phase, Enrique Tomás reserved 15,000 specimens of 100% Iberian pigs, with the intention of offering for sale during this Christmas only those pieces that reached an unprecedented level of excellence.

The result of this pre-selection is 200 units of 100% Iberian ham that will be made available for purchase on their website, providing an equal opportunity for anyone to acquire an exclusive piece "at a reasonable and fair price," as stated by the entrepreneur.


Limited edition Glamurós ham from Enrique Tomás


Embracing Online Sales

With these 200 Iberian jewels, currently stored in the company's warehouses, the online store of Enrique Tomás becomes the finest showcase to acquire a product worthy of the most discerning palates from anywhere in the world.

  • Enrique Tomás stated: "As we always say, Jamón is not ham. In this sense, online sales present an opportunity to boost this sales channel and allow anyone, from anywhere in the world, to have the finest ham on their table this Christmas."

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