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Diagonal likes Iberian Ham

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The Diagonal now has a third Enrique Tomás Iberian ham store, and what a store it is... it occupies a very large corner of Diagonal with Mallorca, touching Paseo San Juan.

This franchise showcases one of our maxims: Store location matters, but if it also has a highly professional and friendly team, and is managed by Juan, it will be a guaranteed success. Because the ham is the same, and we continue to prioritize quality and price in all our stores.

Enrique Tomás Diagonal 372 has it all: a tasting bar, shopping area, freshly cut ham... and it's beautiful too! It also has a reserved dining area for celebrations in case you want to enjoy ham and be the life of the party.

Many neighbors from the neighborhood have already expressed their joy on social media for having us so close, and during this first week, we've already seen many pedestrians in that area crossing Diagonal with a cone of Enrique Tomás in one hand and their phone in the other. Were they tweeting?

With this new opening, we now have three stores on Diagonal spread across Diagonal/Calvet, Diagonal/Tusset and Diagonal/Mallorca. Also, don't forget that underground, we have two metro stores in Diagonal station and a stall in the El Mercat de Les Glòries shopping center.

With so much good Iberian ham, this won't stop!

Iberian ham
Iberian ham

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