jamon iberico meses de curacion

Ham and time, a happy couple

For a ham to have its optimal point, it needs to have its preparation time. Speeding up that process is simply making a different product. An acorn-fed ham takes no more and no less than 5 years from when the pig is born until the ham ends up on our ham island in our stores. On the path of excellence you cannot take shortcuts .

At Enrique Tomás we take time very seriously to guarantee good curing, always depending on the shrinkage, the weight loss that the ham loses as it cures.

Generally speaking, our Enrique Tomás Gran Reserva ham has been cured for 12 months , the Enrique Tomás Ibérico ham has been cured for 24 months and the Enrique Tomás acorn-fed Ibérico ham has been cured for 36 months . Therefore, when you eat an assortment or a sandwich of acorn-fed ham, know that it took us 3 years and 10 minutes to prepare your dish .


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