receta de chorizo iberico al vino

Recipe of Iberian chorizo ​​in wine, how good!

Iberian chorizo is a typical Spanish sausage widely used in cooking and can be included in all sorts of preparations, from an Asturian fabada to chorizo croquettes.

This time at Enrique Tomás, we're going to teach you the recipe for Iberian chorizo in wine, one of our favorite tapas. Are you brave enough to try it?

You'll see how delicious it turns out!


Preparation of Iberian Chorizo in Wine


  • ½ piece of Iberian chorizo
  • 10 gr. of Provencal herbs or bay leaves
  • 200 ml. of white wine
  • 50 ml. of water

Recipe Steps

  1. The first thing you need to do is take the chorizo out of its casing and cut it in half. Then, place it in a pot and cover it with the spices.
  2. Turn the heat to low and let it cook for a couple of minutes to release all its flavor and absorb the flavors of the spices.
  3. Cover the chorizo with wine and water and increase the heat to bring it to a boil.
  4. Cover the pot, lower the heat again, and let it simmer gently for about 35 minutes. Occasionally, poke the chorizo to check its doneness. Stir every ten minutes to allow the sausage to release all its juices.
  5. Carefully remove the two halves from the pot, slice them into approximately one-centimeter thick rounds, and place them back in the pan. Let the chorizo rest inside for a few minutes with the heat turned off.
  6. To finish, all you have to do is serve it. To make the presentation more appealing, serve it in small clay pots, and you'll see how elegant it looks. Your tapa today will be loved by everyone!

Iberian Acorn-Fed Chorizo Campaign by Enrique TomásIberian Acorn-Fed Chorizo Campaign by Enrique Tomás

What to Serve with This Tapas?

And now that we have the chorizo in wine ready, let's see what to serve it with. When the weekend comes, there's nothing more tempting than a cold beer with the best selection of tapas, and in our opinion, the tastiest ones include:

  • Patatas bravas: it's the quintessential tapa, and depending on the region of Spain you're in, they'll serve them in different ways. In Valencia, for example, they serve them with aioli; in Barcelona with bravas sauce... Each place has its customs.
  • Assorted cold cuts platter: Iberian ham, salchichón, or loin are delicacies that everyone loves. Discover how to prepare the perfect platter of cold cuts and leave your guests amazed.
  • Calamares a la romana: they are almost as popular as patatas bravas, and the secret is in the frying. If you drizzle them with a bit of lemon afterward, you'll give them the final touch they need!
  • Croquettes: they come in chicken, ham and cheese, boletus, and more varieties. Everyone has their favorites. What's clear is that no one can resist them!

Iberian Patatas Bravas by Enrique Tomás

Now that you know the recipe for Iberian chorizo in wine and we've given you some ideas for preparing a varied tapas selection, have you decided which ones to make? If you don't like these, you can make many others: Russian salad, puntilla (fried squid), snout, cheese platter...

We're getting hungry just thinking about it!

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