Textura Enrique Tomás


Iberian ham -Jamón ibérico has a unique and distinctive texture that makes it highly appreciated by lovers of good ham. In general, the texture of Iberian ham is smooth and unctuous, but with an intense and deep flavour and aroma.

One of the reasons why the texture of Iberian ham is so special is due to the curing process it undergoes. During this process, the ham is slowly dried in a cellar or drying room, which allows the meat to lose water and the flavours and aromas to concentrate. In addition, the intramuscular fat of the Iberian ham melts slowly during the curing process, which gives it a soft and juicy texture.

The texture of Iberian ham also varies according to the part of the ham being eaten. For example, the outer part of the ham, known as the maza, is juicier and softer, while the inner part, the babilla, is more cured and firm. In general, ham cutters usually start cutting the ham from the maza and then move on to the contra-maza, but it always depends on the moment and need.

In short, the texture of Iberian ham is smooth, unctuous and juicy, with a deep and intense flavour and aroma. A real delicacy for lovers of good ham.

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