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The paleta (ham shoulder-front leg) is one of the most appreciated products of Spanish gastronomy. As it is obtained from the front leg of the pig, smaller and with less meat than the hind leg, it has a more intense flavor than that of ham. If you want to buy a shoulder instead of ham, at Enrique Tomás we offer you five varieties to buy an Iberian or non-Iberian shoulder: Gran Reserva, Cebo Iberico, Cebo de Campo 50% Iberico, Bellota 50% Iberico and Bellota 100% Iberico . so you can enjoy a range of nuances and flavors that are always delicious, no matter which one you choose.

  • Paleta Gran Reserva - Selección Paleta Gran Reserva 45.00


  • Paleta de Cebo 50% Ibérica - Sabor Sabroso Paleta Ibérica de Cebo 102.96


  • Paleta de Cebo de Campo 50% Ibérica - Selección Paleta Ibérica de Cebo de Campo 120.00


  • Paleta de Bellota 50% Ibérica - Selección Paleta Ibérica de Bellota 149.00


  • Paleta de Bellota 100% Ibérica - Sabor sabroso Paleta Ibérica 100% de Bellota - Pata Negra 197.40


  • Jamón Gran Reserva - Selección Jamón Gran Reserva 75.00



In Enrique Tomás, as Jamón experts that we are, we know in detail the characteristics of all our products and for this reason we know that the flavor of any Paleta Gran Reserva (Ham Shoulder) is soft and salty at the same time, with few nuances, but that is delicious and very appealing for palates accustomed to delicate tastes and textures. During this time, the paleta has matured under optimal conditions, allowing the flavors to concentrate and the fat to infiltrate the meat in a balanced way, offering a unique culinary experience. Whether for special occasions or your everyday dining, this shoulder is a choice that will delight your palate with every bite.


We offer you a Paleta de Cebo 50% Iberian Breed (Ham Shoulder) of the highest quality, aged for a minimum of 18 months. Like all shoulders, its meat is more cured, and its flavor is more intense. It comes from pigs with exceptional genetics, with a 50% Iberian purity, which have been raised in a special way and fed a balanced diet that includes pastures and high-quality feed. This shoulder is the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy an exceptionally high-quality product at a very competitive price.


100% Iberian pigs are those whose parents are also pure Iberians, meaning they have not been crossed with any other pig breed. The meat, whether it's Paleta de bellota 100% iberian breed (Ham Shoulder) or the same type of ham, is tastier than that of a crossbred pig because the fat infiltration into the muscle of the animal it comes from is higher. Another factor that contributes to the exceptional quality of 100% Iberian pig meat is their upbringing in the dehesa and their diet of acorns and natural resources during the montanera (acorn-feeding season). This traditional practice imparts unique nuances to the meat, making it highly appreciated worldwide.


Where does the paleta come from?

The paleta is the front leg of the pig, a highly appreciated part due to its intense flavor and tender, juicy meat. This piece differs from the ham, which comes from the hind leg of the pig, by its smaller size and its proximity to the bone, which contributes to its curing process and flavor concentration.

How long does it take for a paleta to cure?

It depends on the weight and the breed and diet of the pig it comes from. In the market they range from 9 to 14 months. However, at Enrique Tomás, we guarantee an extended curing period, with a minimum of 18 months, to ensure the highest quality and flavor in our paletas.

Which is better, the paleta (Ham Shoulder) or the jamón (Ham)?

The answer is what you like more and for how many people. If the ham we like is more cured and intense, our palate will appreciate the shoulder more than the ham, if on the other hand we like it less cured and somewhat juicier, then the ham would be more suitable.

In any case, other factors must be taken into account, such as how many of us are at home, because if we want to buy a whole piece of ham, we have to think that a ham should be consumed in three weeks and the shoulder in two, once we have them at home and if we want them to always maintain their texture and good flavour. Because if there are only 2 or 3 of us at home, a ham weighing more than 8 kg will be too much and will end up drying out and will no longer taste the same. But we don't have to give it up, we can buy it already sliced and eat it whenever we want.

How long does it take to eat a paleta (Ham Shoulder)?

If you buy the whole paleta (Ham Shoulder), we recommend that you don't take more than 15 days to eat it because otherwise, it will lose texture and flavour and dry out a lot. If you think it will take longer, no problem, buy it already sliced by the expert slicers at Enrique Tomás, who will get the most out of it and vacuum pack it so that you can keep it in the fridge or in the pantry (always in a cold, dry place) and take out the shoulder packets whenever and wherever you want.


In general, there are several obvious differences to consider.


The size

The big difference is that the shoulder is much smaller than the ham because it is the front leg of the pig and the ham is the back leg and therefore much larger and heavier than the shoulder.

The curing process and curing time

The curing process is determined by the bone. The closer the meat is to the bone, the faster the curing process will be and therefore the less time it will take to finish.

Thus, if the shoulder has less meat and is closer to the bone, it will be cured before the ham, which has much more kilos of meat, that is, we are talking about 4.5-5.5 kg of shoulder compared to 8-9.5 kg of ham, more or less. If a shoulder takes, for example, 14 months to cure, a ham will take 24 months or more. Of course, this will always vary depending on the breed of pig from which both the shoulder and the ham come, as well as the food it has been fed and the "cooking" given to it by the master ham maker

Taste or flavour

Obviously, the more cured the meat is, the more intense its flavour will be. Thus, as a general rule, the shoulder, being more cured than the ham, will have a more intense flavour and its meat will be somewhat less juicy than that of the ham. However, we must bear in mind that there will be parts of the ham and shoulder that are more or less cured depending on whether or not they are close to the bone. Therefore, not all the slices of the same ham or shoulder will have the same taste or the same intensity. That is why the ham cubes and shavings, as they always come from the part closest to the bone, have such a tasty and intense flavour.

The price

Ham, whatever its origin, will always be more expensive than shoulder ham of the same quality and category, for obvious reasons of size and processing time.

Types of paleta (Ham Shoulder)

At Enrique Tomás we classify them according to the logic of the breed, either Iberian or non-Iberian. In the first case, as with ham, we have different types depending on the percentage of the breed and the pig's diet from which they come. In the second case, the non-Iberia (or Gran Reserva) one at Enrique Tomás is called Paleta Gran Reserva and this is because our Gran Reserva shoulder is of a higher quality than any other on the market. It has a longer curing period, 18 months, and follows the same quality and control processes as any of the Iberian ones. We have:

Paleta Gran Reserva: non-Iberian, high quality, 18 months cured.

Paleta De Cebo 50% Iberian Breed: one of our top sellers, cured for more than 25 months.

Paleta De Cebo De Campo 50% Iberian Breed: more than 25 months cured.

Paleta De Bellota 50% Iberian Breed: cured for more than 28 months.

Paleta De Bellota 100% Iberian Breed: more than 30 months cured.

Buy Spanish Paleta quickly and easy

From our e-commerce you can choose the Shoulder that you like the most, that you want to taste and share at home: Gran Reserva , Iberian Cebo, Iberian Cebo de Campo, 50% Iberian Bellota or the best 100% Iberian Bellota, colloquially known as Pata Negra.

Whatever you choose, you will find it in all formats, in whole pieces with spines, if you want it sliced ​​we also offer this service, sealed in vacuum bags if you are not interested in a whole piece or in comfortable packs of different varieties.