Consumo nacional Enrique Tomás

National consumption

Jamón ibérico/Iberian ham is one of the most valued gastronomic products in Spain and has gained international fame in recent years. The national consumption of Iberian ham is very high because it is part of the Spanish culinary culture and is considered a high quality product.

Iberian ham is mainly produced in the regions of Extremadura, Andalusia and Castile and Leon, and its consumption is more frequent in the southern and central areas of Spain. In addition, in recent years there has been an increase in demand for Iberian ham in other regions of the country.

Iberian ham is consumed both in homes and in restaurants and bars. In Spanish households, it is commonly served as an aperitif or as part of an informal dinner or lunch. In restaurants and bars, Iberian ham tends to be a popular dish on the menu and is served as a tapa or main course.

In terms of consumer preferences, there are different types of Iberian ham depending on the pig’s diet, breed and curing process. Some of the most popular types are the acorn-fed Iberian ham and the cebo Iberian ham, which differ in the pig’s diet and the curing time.

In short, Iberian ham is a highly valued product in Spanish gastronomic culture and its consumption is very common throughout the country.

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