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Where to buy Iberian ham in Austria

If you live in the Netherlands and you're a lover of Iberian ham and want to know where to buy Iberian ham in Austria, keep reading because you're about to learn a lot about it from the best. You adore ham, the king of products and the most international one in Spanish gastronomy, or maybe you haven't tried it yet and you're curious to know what you're missing out on. Well, you're in the best place to find out all about it!

At Enrique Tomás, we make it very easy for you. We explain its types and varieties and how to buy it without having to travel, with the total guarantee of quality and purchase, without having to pay more money for less quality in a supermarket or specialized store in your locality.

Here we go!

Spanish Ham in Austria

So, if your place of residence is Austria and you've visited Spain, especially Barcelona for business, vacation, or family, you've probably visited one of our stores and tasted our Iberian products. We are the ham specialists, and we don't want you to give up this delicacy due to distance.

Through our customers, your opinions, and questions, we know that you love our ham, and we want you to continue buying it easily, safely, and with the highest guarantee when you return home to Austria. You might know a Spanish restaurant in your area of residence or even a gourmet store where you can find the delicious Iberian ham.

But at what price? What quality? Are you paying more than its quality is worth? Is it the same as what you tried in Spain? Look no further! We'll deliver it to you wherever you are, and we'll tell you everything about what, how, and in what way.

buy ham in Austria

Next, we provide you with all the elements to make the decision that best suits your palate and your budget. Above all, one of the things that concerns us the most as specialists in the field is that you know that the best ham is not the most expensive but the one you like the most.


Types and Qualities of Ham

The first thing to understand is that Spanish ham comes in two classes:

Non-Iberian Ham or Gran Reserva

Gran Reserva ham or Gran Reserva from white pigs. The second important thing to know is that white pigs are raised anywhere on the planet. They are raised only on farms and with feed. It is the simplest of all types of ham and also the cheapest.

gran reserva ham shoulder

Iberian Ham

Iberian ham comes from the Iberian breed of pig, whose mother is always 100% Iberian. And it is only raised on the Iberian Peninsula. It is the only animal in the world capable of infiltrating fat into the muscle. This characteristic is what makes its ham so special and juicy.

In turn, Iberian ham comes in different qualities and flavors, depending on the feeding and the percentage of Iberian breed of the animal, which can be 50%, 75%, or 100%. And of course, the prices will correspond to the characteristics of the animal but above all to the curing process. An Iberian ham from pigs raised on feed in a farm and cured for 24 months cannot cost the same as an acorn-fed Iberian ham from pigs raised in the wild, which takes more than three years to cure, with the care and patience of an expert.

The different Iberian types are:

Iberian Ham from Feed-Fed Pigs

This ham comes from an Iberian pig fed on feed and cereals in a farm. Our feed-fed Iberian ham is cured for a minimum of 24 months if it's a ham or 18 months if it's a shoulder.

cebo ibérico ham shoulder

Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham

This ham comes from the Iberian breed of pig whose mother is 100% Iberian, and it has also been fed on acorns and wild fruits during the last 4 months of its life, from November to March (Montanera season).

bellota ibérico ham

100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham - Pata Negra

This ham comes from the pure Iberian breed of pig, meaning both the father and mother are Iberian. It has also eaten acorns and wild fruits during the last 4 months of its life.

100% ibérico bellota ham

Our Flavors and Formats of Iberian Ham

As in any good dish, if the ingredients are important, so is the touch of the chef who will shape and flavor them. The same applies when making ham.

The Iberian pig is born the same all over Spain, but each producing region adds its special touch due to various elements: climate, feeding, and especially the manufacturing and curing process implemented by the expert "cook," as we call them at Enrique Tomás. Based on these elements, we will have a classification of flavors that we detail below.


Our Flavors


The mildest and most pleasant ham for the palate. It's the "go-to" ham because it's so delightful and elegant that everyone loves it. It's always a safe bet, especially for gifting!

mild flavor ham


A ham full of nuances and highly aromatic both in the nose and on the palate. Perfectly cured for those who truly love ham.

aromatic flavor ham


The flavorful ham is the most recent of all. Its production is smaller than in most geographical areas. It's very deep, different. It's like an explosion of flavor that lingers in the mouth and memory.

flavorful ham


The most international ham is the intense one. Its flavor is unmistakable due to its boldness and persistence on the palate. For ham enthusiasts with a demanding and resilient palate.

intense flavor ham


Whole Piece

The whole piece can be a ham (rear leg of the pig) or a shoulder (front leg of the animal). Available in all flavors and origins.

whole ham and shoulder pieces

Boneless Piece

We have boneless pieces of Gran Reserva, feed-fed Iberian, and acorn-fed Iberian hams and shoulders.

boneless ham


We have all kinds of sliced ham and shoulder, in individual packets of each origin and type.

sliced ham packs


We offer packs of various types and prices: travel packs, the Experience Book, the Excellence of Ham, and tasting boxes that combine ham and Iberian cold cuts. All of them are ideal for making delicious gifts!


Our Online Store from Austria

As serious ham experts, we will also explain the flavors and varieties so that you don't feel deceived or simply so you know what you're buying. Whether it's worth the money you're going to pay for it. If not, think about how easy it is nowadays with online shopping.

At Enrique Tomás, we offer you the easiest, fastest, and safest way to buy from your computer or mobile device, with the certainty that you're buying a product of the highest quality. Of course, everything is fully guaranteed, from professionals with extensive experience and a recognized reputation who want to ensure that you enjoy eating ham! and pay a fair price for the quality you receive.


Guaranteed Product. Enrique Tomás Total Guarantee

Enrique Tomás offers a total guarantee service. Our pieces undergo a minimum of three checks to ensure that you receive your product in its perfect state for consumption. If your ham is not what you expected or doesn't turn out well, DON'T worry. Our pieces are fully guaranteed. We'll replace it within 10 days from the receipt of your order at your home.

ham packets

Packaging and Transport

If you're concerned about transportation, don't worry—everything is properly vacuum-sealed and well-packaged to arrive in perfect condition. Shipping to Austria will cost you around 15 euros, but it will be free if your order is over 150 euros. Additionally, you'll receive a guaranteed gift for orders over 100 euros and discount codes for product reviews.


As you may have noticed, you won't run out of gift ideas. All our whole hams or sliced ham packs are gourmet gifts. How often do you look for something original to give as a gift, especially on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and of course, Christmas? Well, give the gift of ham, and you'll be a king or queen! You'll leave the best impression.

At Enrique Tomás, you'll find packs as the best option for gifting: to a family member, to a client, to impress, to pamper... And think about how hard it is to find something like this in Austria with the quality we offer.

gifts with ham

Have you seen how many advantages there are to buying online from your computer or through our app for buying ham on your mobile? Fast, secure, and directly from those who truly know about ham.

If you have more questions, you can contact our experts in the chat on our website or send us an email at web@enriquetomas.com.


It can't get any easier or safer than this!

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